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About US:- We the www.lokyojana.in provides the information regarding government schemes (Hindi / English) launched by central government and different State Governments of India. Every information regarding each newly launched scheme is provided in very simple and step by step way so that one can understand easily. This website is not governed by central government or any state government. This website is completely unofficial and run by individuals. Purpose of this website is to provide information regarding government schemes. In many Schemes people needs some help. Explain those schemes step by step and assist people correctly so that they can take complete benefit without any problem.

About Us – Lokyojana.in

Dear readers this website is especially dedicated to the people who want to know about new government schemes. We always try to provide you complete information regarding all government schemes in a very simple and step by step way. The people working with us have keen interest in government schemes and love to give detailed information to every person who is interested in these schemes.

About Us - Lokyojana.in

Lokyojana Commitment

We provide complete information regarding new schemes by our posts. Where you can find information regarding the schemes, benefits of the scheme, how to apply for and what are the various mode for applying. Every information regarding each scheme is given step by step and in a very user friendly language. Most of the posts are in Hindi and English. We have tried our best to give you beach information correctly. Most of the time our source of information are websites owned by government, newspapers and other official websites, news sites etc. Any Question or Suggest Please visit our Contact Us Page Available Online

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