AROGYA KARNATAKA SCHEME 2023: The overall development of any nation is measured by the health and wealth of its citizens. Every nation spends a maximum of its budget for the better health of its citizens. A large amount of the Indian budget is also contributed to providing a healthy life for their citizens. India is facing so many medical issues like diabetes, cancer, thyroid, heart attack, etc. Every day increasing population, an unhealthy diet, no proper budget for health services, and drug addiction are responsible causes for increasing the maximum number of patients day by day.

A healthy and nutritious diet is very important to cure any disease. Most of the patients of India either have no proper sources to be aware of their disease or either has no sufficient money to get the treatment of their disease because they belong to a poor section and uneducated section of society and not afford costly treatments. So to eradicate this major issue the government of India framed a new welfare scheme for the betterment of their citizens known as “AROGYA KARNATAKA SCHEME 2023”.


Arogya Karnataka Scheme 2023 is a centrally sponsored scheme first initiated in the year 2018 by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narender Modi. This health welfare scheme is launched under the Ayushmaan Bharat Mission of health and family welfare. Under this scheme, the government provides the best quality of health services to the needy and poor people of Karnataka at a free and cheaper rate. Due to the ill health of serious patients, they are unemployed and have no proper financial sources to afford healthy food and proper treatment.


This is the main reason for the rapidly increasing death ratio of patients in our nation. So the main aim of the government of India under this scheme is to provide financial assistance to the deceased person so that they afford proper treatment. This health welfare scheme is mainly directly Aadhar card linked schemes benefit is directly transferred to the applicant’s account.
This scheme is for every patient who does not have the proper sources to take the best treatment. Under this scheme, diseased persons can get financial help from the Karnataka government.

Highlighted Points of this Health Scheme 

  • This Helth Scheme is Named as Arogya Karnataka Scheme 2023.
  • This scheme is sponsored by the central government of India.
  • Prime ministerNarenderModiannounced this welfare scheme in 2018.
  • This health welfare scheme is supervised by Ayushmaan Bharat
  • The mission of health and family welfare.
  • is the official online portal to apply for this scheme.

Karnataka Health Scheme 2023

In Karnataka, lots of health welfare schemes collaborated with this scheme Arogya Karnataka Scheme 2023 for the betterment of the people.

The followings are the schemes merged with this scheme those are:

• Rajiv ArogyaBhagya Scheme.
• RashtriyaBalaSwasthayaKaryakarm.
• Cochlear implant scheme.
• Vajpayee Arogyashree, Yeahaswini scheme.
• RashtriyaSwasthayaBima Yojana for senior citizens.
• Mukhyamantrisantwanaharish scheme.
• Indira SurakshaYojana.

Advantages and Details of Arogya Karnataka Scheme 2023

Arogya Karnataka Card

  • Monitor Patients –The main aim of the government for implementing the Arogya Karnataka Scheme 2023 is to monitor diseased persons in the state and give them proper assistance and care so that they are properly aware of their disease and take proper treatment.
  • Maintain Correct Data of Patients – Ayusmaan Bharat Mission Health and family welfare department will collect and maintain correct data of those patients who get the benefit of this health welfare scheme.
  • Financial Assistance – This is the main and important point of this scheme is to provide financial help up to Rs. 30,000 annual basis to the family of up to 5 members for treatment of secondary healthcare.
  • This annual financial limit will be increased up to 1.5 lakh at the time of any emergency treatment. Any time the annual limit will be crossed then additional financial assistance will be given at the time of emergency.
  • Direct Transfer of Funds –Under this scheme, the financial help is directly transferred to the bank account of the diseased person on that account is linked with the Aadhaar card of the patient.
  • Ayushmaan Bharat Mission – This health scheme is implemented under Ayushmaan Bharat Mission.

Eligibility Criteria Under this Scheme

  • Only Poor and Needy Person – Only poor and needy people of the state can apply for this scheme and are eligible to get the benefit of this scheme.
  • Registered Person – Only those people who are registered under the official Arogya Portal can get financial help under this health welfare scheme.
  • Only for Karnataka Residents – This scheme is only for permanent residents of Karnataka by birth and is related to the “eligible households” term defined under the National Food security act 2013.
  • Economically Weaker Section – The aim of this scheme is to give provide financial help to those diseased people who belong to the economically weaker section of Karnataka and have no proper sources to afford costly treatment.

Who Is Not Eligible?

This scheme is not for those persons who are already covered and assured under other healthcare schemes.

  • Those are Persons assured under ESI (Employee State Insurance) Scheme.
  • Employees are assured by their employer under the health insurance scheme.
    A person covered under private healthcare insurance is taken on their own.
  • People are assured under the healthcare scheme of the central government.
  • Employees of the government of Karnataka who worked till the amendment of Karnataka government servant rules are excluded from this healthcare scheme.
  • Those members of the Karnataka legislature who worked till the amendment of the Karnataka Legislature are excluded from this health welfare scheme.

Documents Requirement for This Scheme

  • Medical Practitioner Certificate –The person who applied under this health scheme necessary to submit their all medical documents and reports to avail the benefit of the scheme
  • Adhaar Card –Updated Adhaar card of a diseased person.
  • Information on Bank Account –Bank account details and passbook of a diseased person.
  • Passport-size photograph.

How to Apply for the Arogya Karnataka scheme?

1. Open this website. Click Here.
2. The next step is patient enrolment. When patients visit any Public health institute the staff will enroll the patient on the portal of Arogya Karnataka.
3. A unique ID is created called ArKID.
4. The enrolment has been done on the basis of the Aadhar card of the patient.
5. With Bio Metric impressions of the patient have been captured in the biometric device.
6. The OTP is also generated from the QR code and the data is collected from the food department ration card.
7. A self-declaration form has been filled which shows that the patient is not getting any other government medical scheme.

Arogya Health Card Karnataka

  • After the application is online there is the processing of the application.
  • Then there is the formation of the Arogya Helth Card which is prepared by the health department.
  • All the names of the members of the family are punched on this card.
  • Every family member has their own unique ID.
  • With that, every family has its own Family ID on this Card.

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