Bigg Boss Marathi Season-4 Contestants List Confirmed 2023, Final List of Contestants with Photos

Bigg Boss Marathi Season-4 Confirmed Contestants List 2023, Final List of Bigg Boss Marathi Season-4 contestants

Colors Marathi channel is again going to start big Boss Marathi season 4. This is great news for all the Big Boss lovers of Marathi. Bigg Boss Marathi is telecast on the colors Marathi channel.

On the Colours Marathi channel, recently a promo has been released. This year, Bigg Boss season 4 Marathi will be telecast on the Colours channel. This show is very famous among the people and every year gets huge TRP. Bigg Boss Season 4 Marathi is going to start in September 2023 on the Colours Marathi channel.

There are many people who are eagerly waiting for the contestant’s name who are participating in Bigg Boss Marathi season 4 this year. If you want to get the information about Bigg Boss Season 4 Marathi contestant list, we will provide you here all this.

So, today we are here with the information regarding the contestant name list of Bigg Boss Season 4 Marathi. All the interested candidates who want to the information about these, you need to read this article completely. In this article, we will about the starting date of Bigg Boss Marathi season 4, the confirmed list of contestants, photos, and related information about contestants.

Big Boss Marathi Season 4

Bigg Boss is a very famous reality show among people and every year people want to watch the next season eagerly. When the season of Bigg Boss was completed. From that day, people I want to watch the next season.

Recently on the Colors channel Marathi, a promo was released about “Big Boss Marathi Season 4”. After watching the promo, people want to know the name of the contestants, who are going to participate in this show.

Bigg Boss Season 4 Marathi is going to start on the Colours Marathi channel from 9:30 a.m. There are many celebrities who know about the Marathi language very well and are going to in Bigg Boss Marathi 3. There are names of some contestants who participate in this season 4.

Highlights of Season-4

Name of Show: Bigg Boss
Season: 4
Type of Show:Reality show
Will Start On: 19 September 2022
Total Number of Contestants: 17
Official Website:

Confirmed Contestants List of Bigg Boss Season 4 Marathi

In Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4, there are 7 contestants who are going to participate in season 4. All these are celebrities who have great knowledge of the Marathi language. The show will be telecast on the Marathi channel.

So, it is compulsory for all the contestants to speak in the Marathi language only. Now, we are going to discuss the contestant who had participated in season 3 Bigg Boss Marathi. The confirmed Contestants List is mentioned below:-

  • Anshuman Vichare
  • Ketaki chitale
  • Nakshatra Medheka
  • Saii Ranade
  • Khushboo Tawdeq
  • Kamalakar Satputhe
  • Namrata Shambherao
  • Anand Ingale
  • Pallavi Subhash
  • Nishigandha Wad
  • Samir Chaugule
  • Rishi Saxsena
  • Neha Joshi

This year again Total of 17 contestants are going to participate in big Boss Marathi season 4. But there are 13 contestant names has been leaked. Big Boss Marathi season 4 is going to start on the Colours Marathi channel at 9:30 p.m. The contestants who are waiting to start this show can watch it on the colours Marathi channel.

Bigg Boss Season 4 List of Contestant’s Name with Photos

In the above paragraph, we have already discussed the names of contestants who will participate in Bigg Boss Marathi 2023. Now, we are going to inform you about the contestant’s name with their photos and some information.

1) Anshuman Vichare:- He is a very famous person in the industry. He is a producer and director. If We talk about his educational qualification, he is a bachelor degree holder in commerce and completed their diploma in marketing management. He loves to do acting since his childhood.

2)Ketaki Chitale: She is a TV Actress and very famous for her work. She has done many Marathi films. She became very famous after playing a role in “Tujhe Majha breakup” serial. This year, in Bigg Boss Season 3 Marathi, she is also going to participate.

3)Nakshatra Medheka: She is an actress. She was born in Maharashtra and she knows the Marathi language very well. She is playing the leading role as Pallavi in a very famous serial. Her name is also leaked in the contested list of big Boss Marathi season 3.

4)Saii Ranade: She is a very famous face in the Marathi industry. She is a model, dancer and actress. Bedroll in London and in Lakshmi tujh yavina, through which she became very famous.

5)Khushboo Tawde: She is a Marathi actress who plays role in many Marathi serials palace in Hindi serials. Maybe in season 3 Bigg Boss, is also going to enter this year.

6) Kamalakar Satputhe: He is an actor in the Marathi industry. Is a very famous actor. He has done many films in the Marathi language.

7)Namrata Sambherao: She is a very famous comedian in Marathi as well as an actress. She takes part In many comedian reality shows and this year, she is going to become part of boss Season 3 Marathi.

8)Anand Ingale: He is an actor in Marathi films. He started his career as an actor in 2010. Before getting films, he was playing roles in TV serials.

9) Pallavi Subhash: She is an actress in Marathi films as well as plays role in Hindi serials and movies. She became very famous after becoming a part of chakravartin Ashoka Samrat which was in the Hindi language.

10) Nishigandha Wad: She belongs to a Hindu Marathi family and is a very famous actress.

11) Samir Chaugule: He is basically from Mumbai and he is a very famous actor as well as a writer. He is also a very popular comedian. Now he is going to become part of Bigg Boss Marathi season 3.

12) Rishi Saxena: He is very famous in Indian television as well as working in Marathi serials.

13) Neha Joshi: She is also a Marathi actress. She played roles in Marathi films and became very famous in the Marathi industry.

So this is the list of names of contestants who are going to take part in Bigg Boss Season 4 Marathi 2023. The name of some contestants has not been disclosed yet. Whenever the name of these candidates name disclosed, we will update here.

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