Blackpink Manila Concert 2023 Tickets (World Tour), Flight Ticket Booking, Price, Dates

Blackpink Manila Concert 2023, Ticket Price, Flight Ticket Booking, Blackpink World Tour Manila Dates, Starting Date of Ticket Booking

There is good news for all those people who are waiting for the Blackpink concert in Manila, Jakarta, and Hong Kong. Blackpink has Team announced recently announced the concerts which are going to be organized in 2023. All the interested people who want to enjoy the concert. They always book the tickets for the Blackpink Manila concert in 2022. To enjoy the concert it is mandatory for all the people to book the ticket in advance.

If you are interested and want to get the complete information about his concert. You can go through the article very carefully till the end. We will provide you the information on the Blackpink concert 2022 online ticket booking process, prices of the ticket, and the dates on which Deepti concerts are going to be organized in different places. So, get the information by reading this article end.

Blackpink Manila Concert 2023 Online Ticket Booking

Recently the authorities of black pink have announced the dates of concerts which are going to be organized in different places such as Manila, Jakarta Hong Kong, and other. From 7 January 2023 and will complete on 26th March 2023. In Manila, two concerts will be organized. The first concert will be organized on 12th March and 2nd show the concert will be on 26 March 2023. We all know that there are so many people who are very excited about watching a live concert of Blackpink.

Blackpink Manila Concert Online Ticket Booking
Blackpink Manila Concert Online Ticket Booking

The concert and flight ticket booking process has been started and also the ticket price notification is available on the official website of the concerned department. All the people who want to enjoy the live concert just book a ticket first and then you enjoy the concert and also can buy the tickets from the given dedicated places near the concert.

Information of Blackpink Manila concert 2023

Article is Related To: Blackpink Manila Concert
Ticket Booking Process: Online
Country Belongs: Philippines
Concert Of: Very Famous Blackpink Female Group
Starting Date of Ticket Booking: 8 November 2022

Dates of Blackpink Concert 2023

7 January 2023: In Bangkok
15 January 2023:In Hong-Kong
12 and 26 March 2023:In Jakarta

Blackpink Manila Concert 2023 Ticket Booking Process

Who is interested and wants to book the ticket online? Just follow the steps that we are going to discuss below.

  1. You need to go to the official website of the concerned department.
  2. You will be on the home page of the official website in which unit to select the option Concert Hall event.
  3. A list of events will open in front of you in which you need to select the black and pink Manila concert.
  4. You will new web page and select the tickets.
  5. Now select the option buy tickets.
  6. Select the number of tickets and it is important and one person will buy only 4 tickets.
  7. Pay the ticket price online and in this way you will purchase all the tickets to enjoy the black pink Manila concert 2023.

Blackpink Manila Concert 2023 Ticket Price Details

There are different ticket prices for all the people because there are 12 types of the sitting plan has been arranged by the authorities. The ticket price has been discussed below:-

Blackpink Manila Concert Ticket Price Details
Blackpink Manila Concert Ticket Price Details
For UBC Regular:Just pay 3000.
For UBC Premium and Side: You will need to Pay 4000.
UBB Regular and UBB Premium: Pay 6000 and 7430 tickets.
UBA:Pay 9000.
LBB Regular and Premium: People need to pay 11600 and 12950 for the ticket.
LBA Regular and Premium: The people have to pay 13600 and 13950.
For Floor:People just pay 14950.
For VIP Seat: People have to submit 19450 to enjoy the concert online.

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