Fame-2 Electric Scooter Subsidy Scheme 2023-24 Online Apply for Subsidy Registration

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The central government of India recently announced a new scheme. The name of the scheme is FAME -II India. Under the scheme, the Central Government wants to increase the use of electric vehicles.

The Fame 2 India scheme will cover all types of vehicles like two-wheelers, three-wheeler, four-wheelers, and buses. The government will also provide a subsidy facility to the people of India.

To encourage the use of electric vehicles, the government has provided 670 Electric buses to Maharashtra state, Gujarat, Goa, and Chandigarh. 241 buses are also sanctioned for Tamilnadu, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, and Port Blair state under the FAME 2 India scheme.

This article is going to provide you the information about the online registration process for the FAME-2 India subsidy for two-wheelers. You will also come to know about how to get the benefit of the scheme.

Fame 2 Electric Scooter Subsidy Scheme 2023-24

As we all know, the vehicles we are using cause pollution. To decrease the level of pollution, the government is encouraging people to use electric vehicles. For this, the government is also going to provide subsidies for the buying of electric scooters under the Fame-2 Electric Scooter Subsidy Scheme.

Fame-2 Electric Scooter Subsidy Scheme

Electric vehicles are faster than others and for the people who will purchase the electric scooter, the government will provide them an offer. On the offer, they will get a subsidy. Electric vehicles only need charging and after that, they will start their work.

Electric scooter subsidy scheme 2023 fame 2 has been implemented for 3 years. There are many benefits of the fame 2 India scheme 2023. This article, discuss the benefits of the scheme,, how to register for the Fame 2 electric vehicle subsidy scheme, and the contact details of the scheme.

Price of Electric Two-Wheeler Under FAME-2

80 KM Per Charge: Rs 1 lakh
100 KM Per Charge:Rs 60 percent
Subsidy: 50%
Electric Two-Wheeler Incentives: Rs 15,000 /kWh
  • New release policy fame 2 electric vehicle discount.
  • As we have already discussed that the government has been already sanctioning 670 new Electric buses in Different cities like Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, and Chandigarh.
  • In Another hand, 241 new electric buses have been also sanctioned for the other cities under the fame 2 electric scooter subsidy scheme 2023.
  • This scheme has been started by Prakash Javadekar which is the PM’s vision of Eco-Friendly transportation.
  • BEST has 3875 electric buses. From Dam 38 buses are going to start from October month.
  • It has also received new 26 Electric buses from the central government of India that is sponsored by the fame 2 India scheme.

Details of Fame-2 Electric Scooter Subsidy Scheme

This scheme was launched in 2015 in India under the National electric mobility mission plan 2023-24. The Government of India has lost it with the help of the department of heavy free under the ministry of heavy industries and public transportation.

This scheme has been launched to promote electric vehicle technology in India. So that people can buy these electric scooters.

In the first phase of the scheme, it was implemented for 2 years and in between the implementation of two years, it extended the date from 2019 under the first phase of the electric scooter subsidy scheme. So, the huge demand for electric vehicles in India there is the second phase of Fame India, also known as FAME 2 is implemented to sport this demand.

To start electric and hybrid buses in Different cities of the country, the government has set a budget of 280 crore rupees.

Detail of Phase-2 FAME

  • Second phase of the scheme has been implemented for 3 years since 2019. For the 2nd phase, the budget for the scheme is 10000 crore rupees. In which 7000 Electric buses, 5 lahks 3 wheeler,10 lakh 2 wheelers will be provided to people subsidy.
  • The people are interested in a two-wheeler. So the government will focus on two-wheelers than others.
  • The government has already sanctioned 670 Electric buses and recently the government has section 241 charging stations in India under The Fame 2 electric scooter subsidy.

Fame 2 Electric Two-Wheeler Subsidy Scheme Online Application Form 2023

  • The concerned authorities of electric two-wheelers, you need to visit there. You need to apply online for Fame 2 subsidy on an electric scooter.
  • But there no online application form process has been started yet. If you want to apply, you need to wait for some time.
  • Whenever the concerned department will start the application process, we will update you on this article. Till that, stay in touch with us.
  • The authority of Fame 2 subsidy for electric two-wheeler is going to start the registration process live. So, be ready for it.

How to Check the Models of Electric Vehicles

  • To check the models of electric vehicles, you need to visit the official website of heavy industry and public Enterprises.
  • You will be on the homepage. On this page click on the option fame 2 India scheme.
  • After that, you will get the option of models of electric vehicles. You need to click on this option.
  • After that, on your screen, you will get the list of models of electric vehicles.

Pre-Registration for FAME 2 OEM

  1. Firstly, visit the official website of the Department of Heavy Industry.
  2. You will be redirected to the homepage.
  3. On this page, on the right side, you will get the option of OEM free registration, click on it.
  4. After that registration form, OEM registration will be in front of you.
  5. You need to enter the details correctly.
  6. After that, you will get a captcha code on a screen, and enter the date in the given place.
  7. Now, click on the continue option.

Fame 2 Electric Scooter Subsidy OME and List of Dealers

  • To Check this, website of the industry and public Enterprises department, the government of India.
  • You will reach it on the homepage of the website. You have to click on the option same as the scheme.
  • After that, click on the option OEM and dealers. You will get the list of dealers on your screen.

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