FAU-G (Fauji) Game Download apk, iOS, PC| Indian PUBG Release Date

FAU-G (Fauji) Game Download apk, iOS, PC| Indian PUBG Release Date: A new game FAU-G (Fauji game) is going to introduced by the actor Akshay Kumar after a complete ban on PUBG mobile game. This was seen on Friday, September 4 government of India has banded more than 118 Chinese mobile apps and the popular gaming app PUB-G was also included in that.

Fauji is the new survival game that is totally developed under Indian supervision and Akshay Kumar is going to release this. As we all seen the trailer and poster of the FAU-G (Fauji) game has been already introduced by the actor Akshay Kumar on his Twitter handle and it was seen in this poster that the game is dedicated to the military man and how they handle the battles in the modern era.

Here we will discuss the Fauji Game New Beta versions, how to install and its features.

FAU-G (Fauji) Game Download apk

FAU-G (Fauji) Game and Download APK beta version

Fauji game is also known as the Indian version of the PUBG game. There are many features of the FAU-G (Fauji) Game that are slightly similar to PUBG mobile games.
This doesn’t mean that it is the clone version of PUBG. FAU-G (Fauji) game is totally new and its concept is also different from the PUBG game. Although this is also a survival game and there must be the option for team-up with your friends to destroy the enemy.

FAU-G (Fauji) Game Download apk, Indian PUBG Release Date

As seen on the poster the graphics of the Fauji game mobile app or looking so good.

Features available in FAU-G (Fauji) game

  • The FAU-G (Fauji) game will be a survival game, it means you need to kill your enemy to survive and win the game.
  • Here the function of multiplayer will help you to team up with your friends to form a team and when the game.
  • The concept and base of the Fauji game are different from the PUBG game.
  • So functionality may be different. But according to the developers of the game, there will be many more functions and thrill o playing Fauji game than PUBG game.

FAU-G (Fauji) Game Download apk, iOS, PC| Indian PUBG Release Date

FAU-G (Fauji) Game Download apk, iOS, PC, Indian PUBG Release Date

The Process of download and install the Game on Andriod apk file, iOS, and on PCs is given below one by one. Check here. 

Download and install FAU-G (Fauji) Game Andriod APK Beta Version

The game is on its initial development face, at this time beta version of the game will be available on the app store. If you want to download and install FAU-G (Fauji) game APK beta version then follow below given steps:

  1. Go to the App Store of your android mobile.
  2. Search the FAU-G Game in the search console.
  3. You can get a few related results.
  4. Here click on “FAU-G by nCore games”.
  5. The downloading and installation process will continue automatically.
  6. After the download and installation of the Fauji game APK, you will get the Limited playing excess as this is a beta version.
  7. The Fauji game project is under development. So, After the release of the complete and full version, you will be able to access all the features of the game.

FAU-G (Fauji) Game Download and Install on PC

  • To install the game on PC.
  • You need to install the BlueStacks on your computer.
  • After that, you are able to access the Android app store.
  • You can download and install the game on your personal computer.

Download FAU-G game on iOS (Apple Store), iPhone

  • To install the game on iOS, go to the Apple Store.
  • Once you reach on the Apple Store.
  • Click on the search console button and type the name of the FAU-G game.
  • You will get the options on this search result page.
  • Check for the Fauji game app beta download.
  • Click on the available game name.
  • Downloading and Installation will continue automatically.
  • After the completion of the installation, you get the message of completion.
  • Now you can open the game and set up your profile.
  • After that with the Limited access, you can play the Bita version of the Fauji game.

The launch Date of FAU-G (Fauji) Game

This is assumed that the Fauji game will be introduced in October 2020. If all the development process is completed within the given time then there is no delay in the expected launch date.
The exact launch date will depend upon the completion of the FAU-G project. Once this is announced you will get the details.


What is FAU-G Game Country of origin?

The game is developed in India under “Aatm Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan”.

Who developed the FAU-G (Fauji) game?

The game is introduced by the actor Akshay Kumar and development is done by the nCore Games.

When Fauji game is going to being launched?

The expected date of the launch will be in October 2020.

What is the meaning of FAU-G?

FAU-G means Fearless And United Guards.

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