Kerala Free Kudumbasree Laptop Scheme 2023, K-Fone Internet Scheme & KSFE Chit Fund

Kerala Free Laptop Scheme 2023 | K-Fone Free Internet Scheme| Kudumbasree laptop scheme | KSFE Chit Fund: Finance Minister of Kerala TM Thomas is going to start a new scheme for the students who are financially weak. The name of the scheme is- the laptop scheme 2023 for students also known as the Kudumbasree laptop scheme. Under this Kudumbasree laptop scheme, the Government of Kerala will provide the laptops for further studies.

This scheme has announced on 23rd June 2020. In the laptop scheme 2023, the government will give the laptop to poor students that cost Rs 15000. Students can buy the laptop in installments. They have to pay 500 rupees per month for 30 months.

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Kerala Free Kudumbasree Laptop Scheme 2023

K-Fone Free Internet under Kudumbasree laptop Scheme: Fiber Optic Network (K-Fone) Internet Connection

The Government of Kerala is also going to give a (k-Fone) free Internet scheme to BPL families and it will be launched in December 2020. The KSFE (The Kudumbasree Free Laptop Scheme) will fund local bodies 75% to set up online classes for students. The remaining 25% will be spent by the local bodies.
This will be noticed that about 40 lakh Kudumbashri workers can join the KSFE chit fund scheme.

Kerala Free Laptop Scheme 2023, K-Fone Free Internet Scheme, KSFE Chit Fund

The Government of Kerala will ease the students to buy laptops in installments. The workers that will join the Chit Fund Scheme have to pay 500 rupees per month for 30 months. Then, the workers will receive laptops.

Kerala Laptop Scheme 2023 Laptop in Simple Installment

Kerala’s Finance Minister has given the announcement to start online education through which poor people can join the classes.
For online classes, the Government of Kerala is providing them with a laptop in a simple installment that is for 30 months.
They have to pay 500 rupees per month.

Status of Kerala Laptop Scheme 2023

There are some initiatives taken by the government of Kerala:-

  • The laptops which cost rupees 15000 will be purchased by the companies from the IT department.
  • The cost of a laptop will be given by the students in 30 installments means 500 rupees per month.
  • The student will complete their installment on time.
  • KSFE will give some concession to them I.e. KSFE will pay their last three installments as a concession.

Scheme for Kudumbasree Workers by KSFE Chit Fund

There is also a scheme for the Kudumbasree workers by the KSFE.

  • It is supposed that about 40 lakh workers join the chit-fund scheme at KSFE. When these workers will pay 3 installments of 500 rupees, then after that laptop will be given to them.
  • But they have to complete 30 installments.
  • The workers who don’t want to take a laptop can also join it and money will be given to them.
  • The workers who will complete their installments on time for the last three installments will be given by KSFE.

How to Get a Free Laptop under the Kudumbasree Laptop Scheme?

  • KSFE will be going to set up online study classes.
  • So that it will fund local bodies 75% and the other 25% will be spent by the local body.
  • For this, KSFE will issue the cheque within 2 days.
  • Others can also be free to set the common facility centers for the students.

Due to COVID-19, it has been seen by the government that students need laptops for their studies as today’s going online. The Government of Kerala is going to launch a laptop scheme for poor students. This scheme Will be implemented by the KSFE.

K-Fone Free Internet Scheme

  1. The Government of Kerala is going to provide free internet in the state. The scheme will be launched in December 2020.
  2. Under almost 20 Schemes the government will give the internet to those families who belong to BPL families.
  3. For this, the government will spend 1500 crore rupees.
  4. The internet connection would be a high-speed connection. This facility for poor students is free of cost. The students who do not belong to BPL will get internet connection at low rates.
  5. Fiber optic network (K-Fone) Internet Connection will be given in hospitals, schools, government offices, and others. Under this scheme about 30000 institutions, you will get the benefit of a high-speed internet connection.

The Necessity of K-Fone Free Internet to Poor Students

  • There is a need to give free internet connection to the poor students who are studying.
  • Some people in our country are very poor and they are not able to take internet service.
  • Due to the poor condition of the house, they are liking in studies.
  • So, the Kerala government is going to give time high-speed internet facilities to poor students who belong to poor families.
  • They can continue their studies. Kerala state is the one state of India that has given free Internet to the people of their state.

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