Ganga Kalyan Yojana 2024 Application Form, Online Sanction List By KDMC

Ganga Kalyan Yojana 2024 Application Form, Online Sanction List By KDMC| Download Form Ganga Kalyan Yojana| Last Date of Submit Form Details| 

Karnataka Ganga Kalyan Yojana is a scheme for farmers of the state. People can apply to this scheme now and take the benefits of this newly found scheme. The scheme will provide irrigation tools and water-lifting machines. The benefits will be provided to the people who belong to minority and Marginal, Small Farmers. This Ganga Kalyana Yojana is provided by the Karnataka minority Development Corporation Ltd. This means that all the facilities like 1 borewell drilled, and the open borewell water pump will be provided to the beneficiaries by KDMC.

If any person wants to apply then they can download the application from the official web portal of Ganga Kalyan Yojana is To get the details on how to fill out the form you can check all the details below.

The main reason behind this scheme is to provide facility of irrigation to the People who do not have water connectivity in their farms and are not getting enough production from their fields.

Ganga Kalyan Yojana 2024 Details

First of All, the question is why this Ganga Kalyan Yojana is needed. The answer lies in the fields of farmers where due to lack of irrigation products in the fields is very low. Farmers are not getting enough from their fields.

This scheme will help the people who need irrigation facilities on their farms. Many people in Karnataka State have good farms but due to a lack of water per acre production is very low. To improve the production as well as the wealth of the farmer this scheme is very helpful. Many farmers are dependent upon rain in this modern era.

Ganga Kalyan Yojana
Ganga Kalyan Yojana

That is not good for any state for their development. Production must not be dependent upon rain if the overall development of the state is needed. With the help of this scheme, this must be achieved.

Information on Key Features of the Ganga Kalyan Scheme

The government will provide the all necessary help that is required under the Ganga Kalyan scheme.

  • The geological experts of KDMC will provide the exact location where to drill the water hole for Borewell.
  • KDMC not only provides geological expertise but also provides financial help.
  • The budget allocation will be done according to the construction of the Borewell.
  • There is a maximum of 1.5 Lakh rupees budget allocation for individual beneficiaries of the Scheme.
  • The main feature of this scheme is to provide an irrigation facility.
  • This is achieved with the help of providing a bore well with water lifting pumps, and open bore well water lifting.

Types of Irrigation System Under the Ganga Kalyan Scheme

There are two types of irrigation systems where help is provided.

  • Lift Irrigation System Scheme.
  • Individuals Borewell System Scheme.
Lift Irrigation System Scheme

This is the system where water is lifted from the nearby water resource. Ganga Kalyan Yojana provides the water lifting pump and other types of equipment that are essential for the water lifting service. With the help of this system, water is made available to farmers. These water bodies may contain river water.

Individual Borewell System Scheme

Individual borewells will be provided to those farmers who are not close to the water bodies. Borewell will be decided by the geological officer from KDMC. Well, construction is done by the government itself and if there is a necessity for a water tank then is also provided by the KDMC. The maximum time of construction is 5 years.

Once construction is complete then this irrigation system can irrigate the 225 acres of land once. The total cost of the construction will be no more than 1.5 Lakh. All the construction materials and water pumps, and pipes will be supplied by Karnataka Minority Development Corporation.

Ganga Kalyana Scheme Highlights

The Ganga Kalyan scheme is helpful for the minorities and the budget of the scheme is increased by 50000. This is done by the Chief Minister of Karnataka Mr. HD Kumaraswamy. Not only the budget is increased but there will be the inclusion of most of the minority farmers who needed the irrigation system.

In remote areas where irrigation facilities are low and also production from fields is low. This scheme is helpful to the people from that region. Many farmers here belong to the minority and are not aware of these kinds of facilities.

Name: Karnataka Ganga Kalyana Yojana
Applicable In: Karnataka
Beneficiaries: Marginal, Small, and Minority farmers.
Benefits Given: Open and Borewell with Lifting Pump.
Scheme Works: Under Karnataka Minority Development Corporation Ltd.

Eligibility for Ganga Kalyana Yojana 2024

There are some eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled. Some eligibility criteria are common for individual borewells as well as open water lifting systems. But individual bore well there are additional eligibilities both are provided below:

Common Eligibility Criteria for Ganga Kalyan Yojana

  • The applicant must belong to the Karnataka state.
  • Applicants should belong to SC/ST or a minority by religion, or other backward class.
  • The income of the family should not be more than 22000 rupees yearly.
  • All the marginal small farmers can apply for this particular scheme.

Eligibility for Individual Borewell

  • If any person wants individual Borewell then they must need these individual eligibilities also:
  • There must be a minimum of 2 acres and a maximum of 5 acres of land for Borewell.
  • There must not be any water bodies nearby the land.

Ganga Kalyan Yojana 2024 Application Form, Online Sanction List By KDMC

Ganga Kalyan scheme online application form

Applications are now invited for the Ganga Kalyana scheme.

If you want to apply for this scheme then go to the Karnataka minority Development Corporation website.

  1. Check all the details available on the website.
  2. All the district managers of Karnataka invited applications.
  3. The applicant needs to download the application form here.
  4. Now fill out the application form and submit this to your district manager’s office.
  5. When the application process is complete then the verification process will start.
  6. The district manager will approve those forms with the permission of the MLA of that area.
  7. After that list of all the selected beneficiaries will be created and provided to the chairman of the committee and head of the office.
  8. Now Karnataka minority department will start the procedure of installation and provide the budget.
  9. If you have any issues then you can contact your district manager’s office.

Last Date of Application

  • The details of the online applications which are invited by the district manager’s office through the newspaper have given only the application process.
  • If you want another information regarding the last date of application for the Ganga Kalyana scheme then we will provide you.
  • This will be provided only when the information is available in public.
  • Application last date details will be updated. For more details, you can call the helpline number given below.

Helpline Number Ganga Kalyan Yojana 2024 

If you want to contact the the helpline number is provided by the department the details are here.

Helpline Number+91 08022864720

Check the Sanction List of Beneficiaries in the Ganga Kalyana Scheme

Once you apply for this scheme the government officials will examine all the applications for verification and documentation.

  • Application is selected then this gets the approval and section.
  • After that sanction list of beneficiaries is created.
  • That list may be made available on the website of KDMC.
  • But for that, you need to wait and check all the details for new updates.

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