HP Patwari Exam Cancel Or Not | Read About Official Announcement

HP Patwari Exam 2019. 

To fill up the HP Patwari posts examination was held on the 17th of November 2019. Approximately 3 lakh students have applied for 1194 posts of Patwari. Arrangements by the department had done quite well and many efforts were made by the board to stop cheating in the paper. There were 1193 examination centers for the recruitment process. As we all know there was a big flaw in the police recruitment process earlier in the state. So all the arrangements for this recruitment process were very keen. Many people have applied for these posts. As we said there were 3 lakh students approximately, who have given the examination. The number of examination center were equal to the posts of Patwari. It leads the situation to become out of control at many centers. This was due to the many errors in the booklet series number and clerical error. Due to some clerical mistakes center names returned wrong on roll number. Due to this many students reach wrong centers for the examination. This is when the situation went out of control.

HP Patwari Exam Cancel Or Not 

Today this was the main headline of many leading newspapers how due to the one clerical mistake students reach the wrong place to attend the HP Patwari examination 2019. Not only one but approximately 30 to 40 students reach the wrong place due to this clerical mistake. The clerk of revenue department Himachal Pradesh has mistakenly written the URLA, where the actual name of the school was ERLA. This little mistake becomes used for those students. Some students reach that wrong place on time and when they realize that this is the wrong place at that time it was too late for them to reach an actual place on time. This is because the time taken to cover the distance between those two places was approximately 2 hours. It was then not possible to reach that place on time.

HP Patwari Exam

Similarly on many Places, the booklet number and question paper series were not matching. Due to the many hectic clerical mistakes and problems that were unsolvable situation becomes out of control. Due to that many students left their places and start shouting. As the situation became more tense school management of Dheera call the SDM and police as well. When they arrive all the information was given to them. SDM of that area Sanjay Kumar tackled the situation and communicate with all the students regarding the current situation. But students were not in the mood of listening to anything and they start tearing the booklets and OMR sheet. The situation became that much tense so that local police take the charge to handle the situation.

Revenue Department Himachal Pradesh Patwari Exam 2019 

Many places in the Shimla district examination center was for away that many students cover more than 2 hours of journey on their feet. Because the examination center was far away at the villages in the jungle. Similarly due to the bad weather snow and the rain stopped many students to attend the examination of HP Patwari 2019.

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HP Patwari Exam 2019 Read About Official Announcement

  • Now the question is due to all this hectic examination will this exam got canceled or not.
  • As per our opinion due to the mismanagement and all the clerical mistakes made by the revenue department of HP a student who has applied for these economic examinations is not responsible.
  • There should be good management for the examination. After all the students have paid for this examination and this is their right to give the exam at any cost.
  • This is not there mistake. So why they suffer from this situation.
  • This is not clear yet that examination is canceling or not. This must be clear after any official notification made by the revenue department of Himachal Pradesh. But we just assume that, and this is not an official announcement of the cancellation of the HP Patwari examination 2019.
  • Many students have given this examination and they are hoping for the good for their future.
  • But many students also have not given this examination and there will be a regret in their mind in their whole life that it was not their mistake due to that they didn’t attend this Patwari examination 2019.

Regarding Official Announcement of HP Patwari Exam 2019 Cancelation

Dear friends, we wish all the best to you all who have applied for this HP Patwari examination 2019 and given the examination successfully. If the examination is not canceled then there will be a selection of 1194 Patwari in the revenue department. 262 in Settlement and 932 in the Mohal. But there will be condolence to the students who head tough time with this examination. We wish them all the best for their future and hopefully, they can do best in there life if and other competitive examinations.

Note:- There is no official announcement regarding the cancellation of the HP patwari examination 2019 by this time. All the information given here is for informative purposes only and personal opinions. If any official statement by the concerned department will be made regarding the cancellation of the examination then we will inform you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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