Karma Sathi Scheme Prakalpa 2024 Apply Online, Beneficiary List

Karma Sathi Scheme Prakalpa 2024 Apply Online| Beneficiary List of Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme| WB Self Employment Scheme Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme| Eligibility for Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme| Documents for Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme|

Karmasathi Prakalpa Scheme 2024: To help youngsters and provide them with a better future West Bengal government has launched the Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme. This scheme provides financial help to poor youth to start their own business and become self-dependent. This scheme is for all poor unemployed youth who are jobless after completing their education. West Bengal Government has passed a budget of Rs. 500 crores for the implementation of this scheme.

Karma Sathi (Prakalpa) Scheme 2024

The youth who will get this loan can start their own venture with this financial help.

The youth can start many businesses either they can open a small showroom, Cloth shop, Pan shop, website designing, dairy farm, shop, Pig farm, poultry farm, greenhouse, organic farming, etc.

Karma Sathi Scheme Prakalpa Apply Online, Beneficiary List
Karma Sathi Scheme Prakalpa Apply Online, Beneficiary List

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee always tries to create jobs for the citizens and tries to provide financial help to youth so that they can start their own projects. The state government will also help the Self-help group which helps to improve the economy of the country.

WB Self-Employment Scheme 2024

The scheme is totally focused on unemployed people of WB. On the other side, the education sector is diverted towards business and the poor and backward-class people are not able to get such a costly education, and they also have to sit jobless.

This is a very crucial condition that leads tie youth to do unlawful offenses and some start taking drugs which causes a downfall in the country’s growth. Some want to do their own business but they don’t have sufficient funds to start their own business.

Main Highlights of Karmasathi Scheme Prakalpa 2024

Scheme Name:Karma Sathi Prakalpa
Announced By:CM of WB
The Objective of Scheme:Self-Employment Scheme.
Application Area:All West Bengal State
Benefits:Provide Loans for Self Employment.
Beneficiaries:Un-Employed People of WB

The Objective of Karmasathi Scheme Prakalpa 2024

Youth is the future of the nation. If they are guided on the right path then they will become the leaders of tomorrow. In today’s scenario, unemployment is a very big problem facing our country. Somehow the reasons behind his problem increase in population and education criteria.

The youth took admissions in colleges and universities by taking a dream to get a good job after completion of a degree but they face some other type of market and lack of jobs in the market. They get demoralized that after taking a degree they have to sit idle and jobless.

Benefits of Karmasathi Scheme Prakalpa 2024

  • To provide self-employment – The main motive of this scheme is to provide self-employment to youth so that they can earn their bread on their own and become self-reliant.
  • Youth-based scheme – This scheme is mainly for the welfare of unemployed youth of the state who want to open their own venture after study.
  • Financial Amount – The West Bengal government will provide Rs. 2 lakhs to jobless candidates to start their businesses.
  • Estimate number of beneficiaries – This scheme will provide financial help and development chances to about 3 lakh youngsters of the state in the coming 3 years.
  • Loan scheme – Under this scheme, the loan for this scheme is offered by cooperative banks to almost 1 lakh beneficiaries every year.

Eligibility for Scheme

  • Citizen of West Bengal – To avail of the benefit of this scheme the applicant must be a permanent resident of West Bengal. 
  • Identity Details – The applicant must have his own updated Aadhar card and voter ID card to prove his/her identity.
  • Qualification:- The applicant should be a minimum of 10thPass Out.

Documents Required 

  • Residential proof– The applicant must have residence proof to prove themselves as permanent residents of West Bengal.
  • Identity Proof – The applicant must have an updated Aadhar Card and voter ID card for identity purposes.
  • Passport-size photograph.
  • Educational Certificates-The applicant must have all the educational certificates for registration.
  • Income Certificate:-The applicant must have his/her annual Income Certificate.

How to Apply for Karma Sathi (Prakalpa) Scheme 2024?

  1. This scheme has been launched by the West Bengal government recently for all youth.
  2. So the process of filing the application is still pending.
  3. Whenever the website has been updated with the link we will show it in the same articles.
  4. For any other information please visit the website- wb.gov.in

How to Check the Beneficiary List of Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme 2024?

To check the beneficiary List and Status of the application for registration to the scheme you need to visit the webpage of this scheme.

  • On that page, after the application for registration, the list of all beneficiaries will be created.
  • This will be done on the basis of eligibility and the presentation of the documents required.
  • Once screening of all the registration is done finally beneficiary list will be created. You will check the status of the beneficiary list online on the website.

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