Liquor Sale and Home Delivery Mumbai Online Alcohol Purchase Service on Zomato

Liquor Home Delivery in Mumbai Order Online, Liquor Sale Home Delivery in Mumbai, Online Alcohol Purchase Service in Mumbi, Liquor Order Process on Zomato, Online Wine Sale in Mumbai, Whiskey Price In Maharashtra in Lockdown: The Government of Maharashtra is going to provide liquor at home by selling it online.

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, some relaxation is given to the shopkeepers to open the shops. But it has been seen that there is a lot of crowd in front of the wine shops. This gathering may increase the chances of coronavirus.

The Government of Maharashtra has decided to supply wine to Mumbai from online services. The health minister of Maharashtra free Rajesh Tope requested the state government to not open the liquor shops. Shops of wine only opened for one day, after that it shut down the liquor sale.

Online Liquor Home Delivery in Mumbai

As we all know that lockdown India is going to complete more than one month. The income that comes through alcohol has been stopped. State Government of Mumbai is going to start liquor home delivery in Mumbai as soon as possible. The people of Mumbai are Searching about online alcohol delivery service. It will be started soon.

The Mumbai government has not announced this yet. At CNBC TV -18, it is announced that Maharashtra Health Minister did not want to open the wine shops. Centre Government allowed liquor sales across the country.

Liquor Sale and Home Delivery Mumbai Online Alcohol Purchase Service

The Government of Delhi has also started the sale of online and having the charges with special fess of Corona. It will be covered the loss of revenue for last month. Maharashtra government is going to charge the highest rate for wine duties in advance due to coronavirus. In the latest survey, the state government accounts for 8% of alcohol consumption overall.

Zomato will deliver liquor in Mumbai

In Mumbai, online delivery of liquid will be provided by the Indian food suppliers Zomato. Zomato will deliver wine soon. The demand for alcohol in all over the country is increased because wine shops are not opening due to coronavirus lockdown. High demand for alcohol at Zomato has predicted to decline.

Restrictions on government movement due to Coronavirus, home food supplier has provided household supplies. Swiggy is also giving the same service like Zomato.

Mumbai government’s main motto by selling online alcohol is that to coronavirus. With the online service of alcohol in Mumbai will decrease the gathering of people in liquor shops. So, which state government has decided to supply alcohol online by Zomato. It will deliver wine door to door by online booking.

Mumbai Home Delivery of Liquor

State Government and Central Government has given permission to retailers of liquor to provide home delivery in Mumbai state. The government has put some conditions on it. On the alcohol shop, the people were not following social distancing so that the relaxation for opening the wine shops was taken back.

Online Home delivery of Wine in Mumbai by Zomato will be started soon. Nowadays people are avoiding order outside food on Zomato they are afraid to be sick due to Corona Virus.

Liquor is closed from 25 March on the day of lockdown. The income from Alcohol is stopped. So, the government gave permission to reopen the shops but people gathered there in a crowd so, the govt planned to sell the wine online by Zomato.

Online Booking of Alcohol by e-token

After a few days, the excise department of Maharashtra is going to start e token system in Mumbai with few conditions.

Online delivery of wine by Zomato will be delivered on those places which are less affected by a coronavirus.

The government has closed all shops of wine because they are not following the guidelines which are given by MHA.

How to Check Price of Alcohol (Liquor) in Maharashtra and Mumbai?

As per the guidelines of the Excise Department of Maharashtra, the price of the Wine Bottles will be given to the company that has to deliver liquor online.

For updates regarding Mumbai online wine order and delivery check the website regularly.

We will provide you all the recent information as soon as possible.

You can also visit the Excise Department of Maharashtra web portal for other information.

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