Malati Devi Park Vidyalay Paridhan Yojana 2023 Odisha Details

Malati Devi Park Vidyalay Paridhan Yojana 2023 Odisha Details: A new Scheme is launched by the government of Odisha for the children of preschools. The name of this scheme is”Malati Devi Park Vidyalaya Pridhan Yojana”. This scheme is launched on 2 October on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti.

Under this scheme, the Government of Odisha will provide uniforms to preschool children. The students of Pre School will get two sets of uniform each.

Today, we are going to provide you with the information of “Odisha Malati Devi Park Vidyalaya Pridhan Yojana”. So, to get all the knowledge about this Yojana, read the article till the end.

Malati Devi Park Vidyalay Paridhan Yojana 2023 Odisha Details

This Scheme is launched by the Chief Minister of Odisha. Last year, around 14.83 lakh children the uniforms under this scheme through the Anganwadi centre. The government, under the scheme, will give two sets of uniforms to each student in preschool. The children who are going to nearby Anganwadi centres and belong to poor families will get the benefit of this Yojana.

Malati Devi Park Vidyalay Paridhan Yojana
Malati Devi Park Vidyalay Paridhan Yojana

As we all know, people who are economically weak can’t buy uniforms for children. This Scheme will help the parents send the children to preschool in uniforms. Because all the children, who are poor will get the uniforms in two sets each.

This year the Government of Odisha has changed the rule of giving the uniform to poor children. This year all the children, who are going to the Anganwadi centre will get the benefit of this scheme. The government will provide uniforms to all the students of Anganwadi. This Yojana has been started to encourage the students as they left their parents. So that, they can send their child to the Anganwadi centre.

Features of Malati Devi Park Vidyalay Paridhan Yojana 2023

The state government will provide some benefits to the children and parents under this scheme. Here we have a list of some benefits:-

  • Easy morning for students as well as parents.
  • This scheme will focus on the character of the child.
  • The dress code will be fairer.
  • Malathi Devi Park Vidyalay Paridhan Yojana will remove peer pressure.
  • This Yojana will prepare the students for the outside world.
  • Military Devi Park Vidyalay Paridhan scheme will increase the student.
  • Encouragement for professionalism.
  • The benefit of this Yojana will be given to all the student, who is studying in the Anganwadi centre.
  • Only those kids will get a benefit, who is the permanent resident of Odisha.
  • Under this scheme the government I will improve the study of children.
  • The student will learn the basic manners in the Anganwadi centre through this scheme.

Distribution of Uniforms

Whenever the distribution of uniforms Will Go On, the public representative, parents of children, the head of the school, and PRI members can attend the program. But as we all know, coronavirus disease has been spread in all the states. So, the instructions of COVID-19 will be followed by the Anganwadi centre, on the day of uniform distribution.

Colour Code of Uniforms

The children who are attending the preschool are also interested to wear the uniform. Under this scheme, all students will get a uniform of 2 sets.

There are a lot of services that are given to the students of Anganwadi. There is a list of services of Anganwadi centre for children:-

Early childhood Care Education( NCCE):- under early child kya education, the Anganwadi teachers, teacher-student basic education like poem recitation, oral work etc.
Supplementary nutrition programme(SNP): After teaching, Anganwadi centre provides the students with some supplementary nutrition food.

The State Government of Odisha, started this scheme on 2nd October, under this around 15 lakh students of Pre-School has been received uniforms in colour composition. The colour of the uniform is painted in blue colour and the shirt is pink colour. There are 61040 Anganwadi centres in Odisha under Malati Devi Park Vidyalay Pradhan Yojana. All the kids who are studying in 61,040 centres will get the benefit of uniforms of two sets.

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