(New Update) AP Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme 2023 Implementation

AP Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme 2023 New Update, Implementation, and Benefits: On 14 November 2019, the Andhra Pradesh government will launch a new scheme. The name of this new scheme is AP Mana Badu Nadu Nadu. This will be launched on Children’s Day. In this Scheme, The Government of Andhra Pradesh will develop about 15000 schools by giving them modern facilities. In this scheme, the government will spend Rs 6000 crore.

Andhra Pradesh Mana Nadu Nedu Scheme is translated into “Our School Now And Then” scheme. This article will give you the details of this scheme, eligibility criteria, the process of application, and other details. Read this article till the end.

AP Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme 2023

“Our School Now and Then” is a simple translation of the Andhra Pradesh mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme. Modern Facilities and improvements with the help of the scheme, the Government will improve the condition of schools and will provide the students with new modern facilities.

AP Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme 2022 new update

As you know that the condition of the government is not good, they do not give them good facilities. So the Andhra Pradesh government started this Nadu Nedu scheme. It will help the government schools to give the student proper facilities. This Scheme will also give the construction so that the govt schools look as good as private schools.

Educational Development Under AP Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme

The CM of Andhra Pradesh has given the first priority to the development of the education sector. AP government took initiative towards the development of the education sector by launching this scheme.

Government schools that do not have proper facilities will affect the overall development of the child. With the launch of this scheme, The govt will give the Government schools all the modern facilities.

Highlights of the AP Mana Nadu Nedu Scheme

Scheme:Mana Badi Nadu Nedu
Launched By:Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy
Launched On:14 November 2019
Benefits To:Government Schools
Objectives:To Introduce Modern Facilities and Improve the Level of Education

Implementation the Scheme

This scheme will be implemented in all the Government schools of Andhra Pradesh. This is a very big task for the Ap government. The implementation of the scheme will cover all government schools of the State. This scheme will cover about 15, 000 schools all over Andhra Pradesh as per the plan of the scheme. This scheme will provide the schools with many facilities such as the construction of labs, toilets, etc.
The government of AP wants to revive the lost charm of the government schools in rural areas. All the construction work will be covered under this scheme. This is the AP Government’s next four years plan.

Benefits of the AP Manabbadi Nadu Nedu Scheme

  • Under this scheme, there are many benefits are available for the students through the implementation of the Andhra Pradesh Mana Nadu Nedu scheme.
  • The students of government schools will take modern facilities and correct education by the implementation of the scheme.
  • Private school-going students will be attracted to government schools because of their good condition.
  • Under this scheme, schools will help the country to increase its economy.
  • Nadu Nedu scheme will give the chance to school to reconstruct and by taking modern facilities the teacher will also explore themselves.

Objectives of AP Nadu Nedu Scheme

The main objective of the scheme is to provide the best education to the students. As we All know that today everything is more modern. By launching this Scheme The government wants to make the students modernized. All the students are good but when they don’t have better equipment to grow then they feel a lack of everything.

Presentation in Front of People

CM of Andhra Pradesh Jagan Mohan Reddy now is focusing on the education sector. Under Nadu Nedu Scheme, the official will click the photo of the school and the facilities and then it will be placed in front of the people.

AP Govt is going to develop the school under the Govt Master Plan. They will compare the old photos of the schools with the new ones. The govt of AP also thinks so. so they started this scheme for the development of the school, students as well as teachers.

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