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Maharashtra Online Liquor Permission, Home Delivery Licence Apply,, Maharashtra Online Liquor Permission: The Government of Maharashtra excise department has given permission to sell liquor online. At the time of the delivery of liquor, there are some guidelines that they have to follow because of the pandemic Coronavirus lockdown. Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thakre has started the online home delivery of liquor in the state.

Due to the crowd in front of wine shops, state govt decided to provide liquor to people by home delivery. The excise department has implemented home delivery of alcohol by the token system. Interested People can register for this themselves to get liquor by home delivery. In This Post, we will provide you information about Maharashtra’s online delivery of liquor.

Maharashtra Online Delivery of Liquor

The State Government is planning to sell alcohol online. For this, they are going to implement home delivery of liquor by the token system. Govt has given some relaxation during the lockdown period but people a huge crowd has been seen in front of the alcohol shops. So, the government has decided to follow the token system in Maharashtra.

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To decrease the crowd in front of liquor shops, the state government will release token software for liquor. People who want to buy liquor have to enter all details on the software. After registration, e token will be sent on your valid mobile number for a limited time. People who want to purchase online wine can apply for Maharashtra e token for liquor on the official portal. You can purchase liquor online or you can also apply for home delivery.

New Update On Maharashtra E-Token for Liquor

As we see the there is Lockdown for 15 days in Mumbai. People who wanted to purchase Liquor, have some libre under some rules and an E-Token system. Previously we have seen this Liquor E-Token System has provided some relief to the people who wanted to purchase alcohol (wine) to drink.

For that check the portal services provided by the State Government. This portal service was availabe last year and this is quit possible that the portal is workable condition. Check new E-Token system and process of applying is given here.

Details of Maharashtra E-Token for Liquor

State: Maharashtra
Launched by: State Government
Registration: Online
Objective: To decrease crowd in front of liquor shops

Maharashtra Online Liquor Permit

Maharashtra government is going to start a token system in the state. To get a token, you have to apply online. The person who get token can go to the shop and purchase wine. If you are a liquor shopkeeper, it is a necessity to Maharashtra Excise online liquor Permit. This is the permit and license to sell /buy online alcohol and to provide home delivery.

This license is very essential for those who are selling alcohol. without a permit, they are not allowed to sell liquor.

Maharashtra Online Liquor Permit Guidelines

Liquor will be only sold by those shopkeepers who will have the license .there are some guidelines given by the Excise department to follow:-

The owner of the shop will ensure that the person who is going for home delivery should wear Mask and use hand sanitizer at frequent intervals.

Maharashtra e-token online for Liquor Maharashtra excise department has said that this order of selling liquor will be considered till lockdown. It will be changed from time to time under the Disaster Management Act,2005. State Excise department also said that they are going to plan to the e-token system in Maharashtra state to avoid the crowd in front of liquor shops. The state government said that it will respond in Mumbai later by officials.

e-token Online Registration Maharashtra

During relaxing time for selling in lockdown, last week it has been noticed that a number of people were gathered on Liquor shops and avoiding social distance to purchase wine. It can be spread Coronavirus. To avoid this state govt decided to sell liquor online. under this, people will get e-token by online registration on the Maharashtra Excise department portal. After getting e-token, people can go liquor shop and purchase wine within a given time period or can order for home delivery.

Required Documents for Permit

  • Passport size Photos
  • Identity Proof ( voter card, pan card, Aadhar card, license, etc)

Process of Getting Permit for liquor in Maharashtra

  1. First of all, gather your documents that are needed.
  2. Then, buy a court stamp worth rupees 10 as fees of the application form.
  3. After this, go to the excise office with your documents and court stamp to alcohol permit.
  4. Now, fill the application form. There are two types of forms. *For one year permit
    *for a lifetime permit
  5. Choose One Application form and fill it with your personal details like Name, Age, address, etc.
  6. Now, Submit your application to the Clerk of the excise office with your photos.

How to Apply Online for Permit Liquor in Maharashtra?

  • First of all, go to the
  • to generate your account on it. If you have already then no need.
  • Fill the application form and pay fees online for a year permit or if you are applying for a lifetime then you have to pay Rs 2000.
  • Then, click on the submit button.
  • After some time, a permit will be sent to your email address (within 24 hrs).

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