National Digital Health Mission Registration Details and Mobile App, Web portal

National Digital Health Mission is now launched by Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi on 15 August 2020. This national digital Health Scheme by Centre Government includes many features that are helpful to the people of India. This is decided that every citizen of India will get the personal id so that his health will be monitored and all the data related to his health will be available anytime anywhere where he wants. here we will provide you with some related information to this NDHM. Read all the benefits red highlights of this mission below.

National Digital Health Mission Registration Details and Mobile App, Web Portal

What are the National Digital Health Mission and NDHM means?

National Digital Health Mission Registration Details and Mobile App, Web portal

First of all, NDHM is designed to provide the physical health of any person. The question may arise that’s if there is the Aayushman Bharat Yojana running at this time then why we need another health Scheme? The answer to this question is that Ayushman Bharat Scheme does not cover each and every citizen of India. But under the NDHM, every citizen will become part of this newly launched health Scheme.

The health record of every citizen will we digitized under his unique ID so that health data of the person will be monitored and the best treatment will be provided according to his medical condition.

Why national digital health mission is needed?

  • The NDHM needed to increase the medical data available in real-time.
  • This mission is needed so that a digital health system will be created so that the most accurate data will be made available and managed.
  • If there is any medical update then this will be given much faster than the available system.
  • The health registry will be created in seconds.
  • A single platform that will be common to get the medical data whenever it is required.

The details and all above points of the NDHM Scheme are discussed below on this page.

Registration of Doctors and Health Facilities

Not only the people of India will be registered but doctors and health department staff will also be registered under this NDHM.

NDHM means the national digital Health Mission to the people of India. The purpose of this mission is to provide the best medical facilities to the people and decreasing the time of diagnosing is the time when a person goes from one hospital to another hospital due to some reasons.

Most of the time new hospitals start new Diagnostic processes on their own and do not consider previous Hospital diagnostic or treatment processes. This increases the time and treatment process. The patient does not get treatment as soon as he needed.

Main Highlights of NDHM

Scheme name: National Digital Health Mission (NDHM)
Launch By: PM Narendra Modi
Purpose of mission: Provide the best health facilities
Features: Unique ID provided, online personal health record
Web Portal/ Website: Created already.
Mobile App: Already created.

Features of National Digital Health Mission

There are many features of this scheme and government is planning to add furthermore features but right now this NDHM is launched with below-given features:

Health ID

Every citizen of India will be provided with health ID and this will be unique so that he can check his on personal information.

Personal Online Health Record

All the records of a person will be made available online so that with the help of his unique ID one can check his details anywhere we want.

Online Digi Doctor

There must be an online Digi doctor available for the people who want an online prescription from a doctor.

Health facility registry

There must be health facilities that are essential for the people must be registered online to provide the details of these facilities, two people.

Introduction of E-Pharmacy and Telemedicine Service

The government is planning to provide the E-Pharmacy and telemedicine service under this national digital Health Mission.
The process and working of e pharmacy and telemedicine service will be under the health department of India and medicines of these facilities will be prescribed by Digi doctor available on this scheme portal.

National Digital Health Mission Registration Details and Mobile App, Web portal

Registration under the national digital Health Mission (NDHM)

As per the available information, nobody will be forced to register on this portal of the website or on the mobile app available.

The data of the person will be available online only if that patient agrees to do so.

This also will be applicable to the hospitals and doctors whether they want to provide data online on mobile app or web portal of national digital health Mission of India.

National Digital Health Mission Web Portal and Mobile App

The web portal and mobile app of NDHM already created.

This is made available by NHA who has created an online system of Ayushman Bharat scheme.

Goal Digital Health Mission (NDHM)

  • This health Mission which is created by the central government has the goal of providing the best health facilities.
  • The government is also focused upon transparency in the medical sector which is a very important factor.
  • Not only transparency but to increase the capabilities of health sector services.
  • With the help of increased health capability, people will get good services from the health sector that is much needed at this time.

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