Nekarara Sammana Yojane Weavers 2000 Help Check Payments Status

Nekarara Sammana Yojane Handloom Weavers Check Payments Status, Nekarara Sammana Yojane Weavers 2000 Help, Handloom Weavers, taxi drivers, auto-rickshaw drivers, barbers, building workers and large industry workers: In Karnataka, the handloom industry is totally crashed in lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. Many workers are facing critical financial problems. To help those Weavers this Nekarara Samman Yojana for Handloom Weavers is started.

Every Handloom Weaver worker will get 2000 rupees in their bank account. There are approximately 1610 crore rupees of the fund is created for the people who are working on a daily basis and due to lockdown, they are now jobless.

Most of the people who come under this category are mainly handloom Weavers, taxi drivers, auto-rickshaw drivers, barbers, building workers, and large industry workers. Will get the benefits. We will provide you information about this Karnataka 2000 rupees scheme.

What is Nekarara Sammana Yojana?

This scheme is initiated by The Karnataka Government. The main purpose of the scheme is to help the people who are suffering due to lockdown. There are approximately 55000 handloom workers who are jobless at this time. They need financial assistance from the government. These weavers do not have any other source of income.

Nekarara Sammana Yojane Weavers 2000 Help

Most of the people all deeply concerned with the Handloom industry. That is why the Karnataka government will provide benefits for these people. For that, this is estimated that at least 1610 crore rupee will be needed for this scheme. The government of Karnataka has provided this amount to the concerned authorities so that they can apply this as soon as possible.

New: The most affected people at this time are workers of the handloom industry and there should be the proper help for those people. In the last year, the Government has given benefits for the workers under this Nekarara Sammana Yojane. This is important that government will provide the same now as the current situation is quite similar. If you want to know about this scheme more check the article below.

The objective of Nakarara Sammana Yojane

The main objective of this weaver help Scheme is to provide help to the 16 lakh workers who are jobless heads this time. Rs 2000 will be given as an aid to the people of Karnataka. There is another decision made by the Chief Minister of Karnataka BS Yediyurappa that another 3000 rupees will also be given to these people after the short interval.

Details Of Handloom Weavers Rs 2000 Help Scheme

The transfer of the aid money will be done with the help of DBT bank account transfer. Those farmers who are growing flowers and other direct processing items which are totally ruined due to lockdown. These will also get the benefit of this Yojane. These people will become very thankful to the government is they get the help.

The state government also wants to transfer the Aid funds as soon as possible, All the formalities are already about to complete. At this time handloom weavers of Karnataka can get the Rs 2000 Help any time.

Weavers Sammana Yojane Details

CM of Karnataka YS Yediyurappa has launched a new scheme Nakarara Sammana Yojana for those people who are facing problems due to the Covid19 lockdown.

  • Under this scheme, the government will provide weaver Rs 2000. This amount will directly be deposited in their bank accounts through DBT. Around 54,000 handloom weavers of Karnataka will get the benefit by this scheme.
  • CM also said that¬† The estimated budget for this scheme is 1610 crore. It will help those people who are stressed due to lockdown.
  • Around 15.80 lakh workers are registered in Karnataka, they have already received Rs 2000 in their bank accounts through DBT.
  • Additional Rs 3000 is also given to them by DBT so that they can live their lives easier.

How to Apply for Nekarara Sammana Yojane

  1. If you are interested in this scheme and want to apply for this you can apply for this everywhere.
  2. The financial amount that is announced will be directly sent to their bank accounts through DBT.To get more information about this scheme you can visit on the official website of Karnataka COVID 19.
  3. Due to lockdown, people are living with a lot of difficulties. Workers have no work to do and no source of income. These people are suffering a lot.

Check Status of Payments

In the 2019-2020 government announced Rs 109 Crore for Weaver loan Scheme. Rs 29 Crore had been released in the 2019 -2020 session.

  • Now, they have Rs 80 Crore balance. This amount will be released soon for giving weavers loans so that they can start their occupation.
  • If you want to check the payments status then check the bank account,
  • The amount will be transffered to the bank account where your Aadhar card is linked.
  • If you have mobile number linked with Bank account and Aadhar card then you will get the SMS of Rs 2000 credit.
  • The SMS will be deleverd soon after when you get the Covid-19 help through Nakahara Samman Yojane.

Nakahara Samman Yojana will give the benefit to the weavers who are facing difficulties due to COVID-19 lockdown.

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