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The government of Odisha has started many schemes for the well-being of the people of the state. This is very important that every scheme must be implemented on the ground and every eligible people get the benefit from them. PEETHA means People Empowerment Enabling Transparency Enhancing Accountability in Odisha. This is a scheme that will allow the government to check whether all the schemes are implemented in rural areas and whether benefits are provided to the people or not. Here we will discuss some highlights of this Scheme.

PEETHA Scheme 

As we said that this scheme is for the state government to ensure that every eligible person in the rural areas must get the benefits of beneficial schemes. This will also help the better implementation of each scheme in the state. With the help of this scheme people can share their experience regarding how they are getting the benefits from different schemes or having some troubles regarding those.

PEETHA Scheme Odisha

Many people in rural areas are not aware of schemes and their benefits. They even don’t know about the name of the scheme and how it can be beneficial for them. This is very tragic and not good for the state government. Every government wants to give every possible benefit to the people of the state. But due to a lack of awareness, this will not become possible. Now with the help of this scheme, this will become the responsibility to the people who are associated with government schemes to make aware people in the rural areas.

PEETHA Scheme Highlights

  • This scheme is part of or is the sub-scheme of Ama Gaon Ama Yojana.
  • According to this scheme, some people from panchayats and panchayat employees will become workers for the government to give brief information regarding the schemes to the people of the state.
  • There will be teamwork and transparency under this scheme.
  • Every panchayat will conduct the camp in which will get information regarding this scheme.
  • To encourage the people and Panchayats government will also give the award money as per their performance.

Use of 5Ts Scheme

  • To make the governance smooth and effective there is a terminology called 5Ts will be used.
  • There are five parameters in which a working model of the scheme will work.

These are:-





Time limit

These are some parameters in which the execution of any particular scheme will take off. This will ensure that every scheme is reaching the people and completing it at the time.

How This PEETHA Scheme Will Work

  1. Regarding the working of this scheme, panchayats will be responsible for the execution of this scheme.
  2. As we said earlier camps will be conducted in each panchayat.
  3. According to the suitability dates from 15 to 20 every month camps will be conducted.
  4. In these camps, people will share their problems vidya Panchayat Associates.
  5. Then panchayat associate will give the proper solution to problems.
  6. In addition, this Panchayat Associates will also provide information regarding new schemes of the Odisha Government.
  7. They will also give information regarding how they can benefit from these schemes.
  8. Will provide the information on how to apply for these schemes.
  9. Many schemes like Madhu Babu Pension Yojana, mission Shakti, Nirman Yojana artist pension, and other schemes will also be entertained by these Panchayat Associates.
  10. Every panchayat who will perform best in the block will get a reward of 500000 rupees. This will be given to the dost panchayat who has organized and implemented most of the schemes in a proper and efficient manner.
  11. This will be done under the 5Ts work model of the Odisha state.

So this is the information regarding the PEETHA scheme. If you have any questions then write to us in the comment box. Answers will be given as soon as possible thank you.

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