PM Berojgari Bhatta Yojana 2023-24 Apply Online and Eligibility

PM Berojgari Bhatta Yojana 2023-24 Apply Online| प्रधानमंत्री बेरोजगारी भत्ता योजना ऑनलाइन आवेदन | Registration Form and Eligibility| Documents Required for the PM Berojgari Bhatta Yojana 2020| Pradhanmantri Berojgari Bhatta Yojana 2023 Form

PM Berojgari Bhatta Yojana 2023, Day by day Modi Government framed so many policies and schemes for the unemployed youth of India. A huge population of the country does not get a suitable job per their education and knowledge so they are easily depressed and at last commit suicide.

Now Modi Government announced the best New Year gift to the unemployed youth of India which is an unemployment allowance for the rising future of the youth of India. Now every unemployed person in the country gets an unemployment allowance on a monthly basis.

Centre Government of India has launched a new unemployment allowance scheme for the benefit of youth called “Pradhanmantri Berojgar Bhatta Yojana 2023”.

PM Berojgari Bhatta Yojana 2023 Details

In this welfare scheme, unemployed youth in every state of India will be eligible to get an allowance from the central government on a monthly basis. In this Scheme, only those persons who are eligible who are unemployed and searching for a suitable job are. This Scheme is mainly a merger of two governments i.e. state and center governments because in this welfare scheme state and center governments are providing 50-50% contribution for the betterment of unemployed youth of the country.  In this scheme, youth can get an allowance amount is up to Rs. 2000 to Rs.2500.

PM Berojgari Bhatta Yojana
PM Berojgari Bhatta Yojana

Under every new scheme, the main aim of the Government is to give better opportunities to raise their future. In every new budget, the Modi government has reserved a huge part of the budget for the welfare of the youth. The main and only objective of this welfare scheme is to provide financial help and training in various fields to those persons who are unemployed.

Basic training in computer hardware software, fashion designing for girls, accounts (telly), and Basic graphic designing. This monitory assistance and training will help them to fulfill their dreams and also rid their tensions related to their job, and survival; the maximum unemployed youth of India are helpless and commit suicide.

Highlights of Scheme

  • Recently, unemployment is a very serious problem facing the whole world. The increasing population in India is also the main reason for unemployment, Crimes, and suicide.
  • Facts are shows that unemployment in our country is increasing at a very fast rate i.e. 3.5% this year.
  • The latest data on unemployment from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) shows that in India nearly 18.9 million persons are jobless.
  • So to overcome this problem in India the government has initiated so many schemes.
  •  In this scheme applicants only get an unemployment allowance only for three years.
  • In these three years, the person has the responsibility to find a suitable job after the training provided by the government in various fields.

Advantages of PM Berojgari Bhatta Yojana 2023

Self – Identity

This scheme will provide monetary help to the youth of India so that people can make their own identity by getting a suitable job or becoming an entrepreneur.

Help People to Live Better Life

This scheme will provide financial assistance to people so that they live a better life like other normal people and provide help to those people who are disappointed in their life due to unemployment and at the end committing suicide. In this scheme, the government also gives training in various fields so that get their dream job.

Fulfill their Dreams

 This scheme will provide monetary help to unemployed youth for continuously three years so that person fulfills their dreams and get a good job.

Raise Quality life

This is a tremendous step taken by the Modi government because this scheme raises the quality of life of that person who is unemployed and has no proper sources to live a better life.

Eligibility for Berojgari Bhatta Yojana 2023

  • Permanent Domicile: – To get the benefit of this welfare scheme, it is a compulsion for every applicant they are a permanent resident of the relevant state.
  • Age Limit: -To avail of the benefit of this scheme the age of the applicant is between 21 to 35 years.
  • Not doing a Job – The applicant of this scheme should be totally jobless and not doing any private or government job.
  • Educated Unemployed person: – The applicant should be educated and unemployed.
  • Education Background–The educational qualification of the applicant must be a 12th pass.
  • Annual Family Income–The annual family income of the candidate should not be more than 3 lakh.

Documents Required 

  • Age Proof Certificate: –Applicant must be required to submit his/her age proof certificate i.e. matriculation certificate or birth certificate.
  • Identity Proof Documents: – Aadhar card, voting card, ration card, etc.
  • Income Proof Document: – Required Incomeslips which contain proof of their family’s annual income.
  • Bank Account Details: – It must be necessary to submit all the required details of the candidate’s bank account and passbook.
  • All Education certificates: – To grab the benefit of this scheme it is necessary to submit all educated certificates.
  • Recent Photographs: – Two recent Passport size photographs of the applicant must require for this scheme.

How to Apply for Pradhanmantri Berojgari Bhatta Yojana 2023

प्रधानमंत्री बेरोजगारी भत्ता ऑनलाइन आवेदन इस प्रकार करें:

Pradhanmantri Berojgari Bhatta Yojana 2023 Online Registration

  1. Visit the respective websites of the employment and labor department of your state.
  2. Register yourself with the required details.
  3. Enter your correct mobile number for OTP and verification
  4. Upload all the required documents related to Educational qualification, residence, category, etc.
  5. After registration fills out the unemployment form and submits it.
  6. You will get a notification from the government after verification.

 State-Wise Process to Apply Online 

Every Indian state has its own system for applying to Berojgari Bhatta. Some of the Onlne systems of online application are given below. if you belong to the mentioned States then simply follow the process for applying online. Other People also have the same process just follow the instructions of your state Employment Department.

For Residence of Rajasthan State

  • People belong to Rajasthan and want to apply for the scheme.
  • then Click Here.

For Residence of Bihar State

Residence of Punjab State

  • Click on the link
  • to apply.

The Residence of Uttar Pradesh

For the Residence of Himachal Pradesh

  • People From HP Need to Click On the below-given Link if they want to apply online
  • Click Here.

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