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Government of Uttar Pradesh has launched up Pravasi Rahat Mitra mobile app to help the people who are stuck outside the Uttar Pradesh and want to come back to their in Uttar Pradesh. This came into the knowledge that many people are not aware of Government Schemes of Uttar Pradesh related to the health of migrants. Due to that state government has decided to provide a mobile application to direct communication with these migrating people, so direct message and help will be delivered to the people as soon as possible.

One who wants to come back and wants to apply for electronic passage then they will do whenever they can. United Nation development program has provided help state Revenue Department in the development of this application. The help will be provided to the citizens of Uttar Pradesh and this will monitor the health of the migrants as well as once the situation is under control these people also get jobs as per their personal qualifications.

At this time many people are jobless and most of the people are not getting any financial aid. Due to this, they are facing a very critical financial situation. To Improve the critical financial situation and provide benefits of all government schemes to the people this up Pravasi Rahat Mitra application Covid-19 is developed.

UP Pravasi Rahat Mitra app Download(rahatup.in)

 This privacy Rahat Mitra app is launched by uP CM yogi Adityanath on 8 May 2020. As per the available information, the government is planning to provide employment to the people who are becoming jobless due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of the UP Pravasi Rahat Mitra app, there will be the registration of all the migrants.

UP Pravasi Rahat Mitra App Download on rahatup.in

This Will help the state Government in the execution of any government employment scheme in Uttar Pradesh. The government will have the exact idea of people who are coming inside the Uttar Pradesh state. Once they are in state they will need jobs. With the help of available data of all the migrants, the Uttar Pradesh government will plane for the extra employment that is needed.

The Pravasi Rahat Mitra app needs to be download, At this time due to the covid-19 pandemic and lockdown to get the government help as soon. All the important updates will be available on this Pravasi rahat Mitra mobile app.

Download Rahat Mitra app

Migrants need to be download this mobile app which is known as the Pravasi Rahat Mitra app as soon as possible once it is on play store. Not even to download but register on this mobile to get the benefits. 

This is very important for the migrants who are jobless and want employment in the near future, to get this type of government facilities to register on this pravasi mitra mobile app.

Uttar Pradesh Pravasi Rahat Mitra app

The main purpose of introducing this Rahat Mitra to get the exact figure of unemployment workers who are coming back to Uttarpradesh. People will need employment in near future. This will be the additional verdun on Revenue Department to provide employment to these people.

With the help of data gathering on the Pravasi Rahat Mitra app, there will be helpful in future planning for the Employment generation by the Uttar Pradesh Revenue Department.

The Pravasi Mitra app is available on Google Play Store for Android mobile users and on the Apple app store for Iphone ios users. To get the additional knowledge of this pravasi Rahat mitra scheme you can also visit the official web portal of Uttar Pradesh government that is specially dedicated to this scheme.

How to download pravasi Rahat Mitra  App

Revenue Department of Uttar Pradesh is planning to provide ration kits to the migrant people with the help of this rahat Mitra app.

  1. Not only Ration, to stop the multiple data entries by the single person there will be the use of unique Identification numbers like mobile number and Aadhar card.
  2. The also concerned department will create the database on the basis of urban and rural areas of Pradesh state.
  3. That is why this application will take some extra time for its development.
  4. As per available information, this Pravasi Rahat Mitra app will be provided as soon as possible by the government of Uttar Pradesh. 
  5. This is because you need to wait for the availability of a mobile app.
  6. If you want any traditional information and update of Pravasi Rahat Mitra you can visit the website rahtiup.in.

Helpline numbers and E-Mail ID of UP Corona Pandemic

UP COVID Helpline: 1070

WhatsApp Helpline: 945444 1036

CM Helpline: 1076

National Emergency Helpline: 112

Women Helpline: 1090

Central Helpline: 1075 and 011- 23978046

Email ID: rahat@nic.in.

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