Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Responsibility and Data Security

Protecting your data we try to give our best. But we recommend you do not enter your personal data like mobile number, name and address, email ID. If somehow entered then we are committed to give our best try to protect your data.

Other links add Privacy Policy

With our website ( there may be many outer links of the websites. We do not take any responsibility about the data visitor has entered on those websites and on our website. We are free not to take any responsibility of privacy policies regarding those external websites.

Privacy Policy -

Every personal identifiable information can be used on its own. The information can we used to identify, locate or contact a particular visitor. In our privacy policies that information is only used if a particular person permits to use that by asking or if a person allows accessing his information.

Privacy Policy –

In our website email address maybe asked for mailing purposes only if a particular person give permission. No other personal information is asked. The only information that we collect after acceptance of visitor is email ID and email ID is collected to send useful information to visitors.

Comments of visitors may be collected to analyze and feedback from the visitors is acceptable for improving our work and provide good experience add information to the visitors.

We strongly recommend not adding personal information like mobile number and address willingly in the comment section. Though we try to protect your personal information but website is not responsible for any data leakage.

By the use of our website and continuing use of this website will ensure that visitor has accepted all the privacy policies of this website.

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