Pudhumai Penn Scheme TN 2023: Apply Online Details for 1000 Financial Help Female Students

Pudhumai Penn Scheme TN 2023 Apply Online Details for 1000 Financial Help Female Students, Eligibility Criteria, Check the new Launched scheme in TamilNadu, Online Application Form Procedure

TN Pudhumai Penn Scheme 2023: The State Government of Tamil Nadu has started a new scheme in the state. Now, the Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar higher education scheme will be known as the name of the Pudhumai Penn scheme. The scheme has been made by the Chief Minister of the state mK Stalin it is a program which is started by the government for the Welfare of women who are enrolled in educational institutions. The main motive to start this scheme is to increase the number of female students in Government schools and also provide benefits so that they can complete their education.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Pudhumai Penn scheme. Also discuss the benefits of the Pudhumai Penn Scheme of TN, its advantages, features, and how to avail the benefit of this scheme. Get all the details, through this article by reading it till the end. With the help of this scheme, girls’ friends in Tamil Nadu will don’t stop their studies in between.

Tamil Nadu Puthumai Penn Scheme 2023

The chief minister of Tamilnadu State MK Stalin has about the Pudhumai Penn scheme on 5th September on the day of teachers day. He announced this scheme in Chennai and on this day Chief Minister of Delhi was also hello to him. Pudhumai Penn scheme has been started for the women of the state and it indicates that modern women. Under the scheme, the state government will provide them with financial help with auto Show focus on the modern times of the state. It is a Revolutionary plan for women for modern times and wisdom.

Pudhumai Penn Scheme TN
Pudhumai Penn Scheme TN

The government will also focus on the education system of the state under the Pudhumai Penn Scheme and will improve the education system of the state. The main reason behind the scheme is to educate every girl in Tamil Nadu state. We all know that, so many girls are the school without completing their education. If they are facing financial problems the education. Then the government will provide them with financial aid under Pudhumai Penn Scheme. Girls from the sixth class to the twelfth class who are pursuing higher education will receive 1000 rupees per month as financial help for education.


The main objective to launch this Pudhumai Penn Scheme in the state is to make the women model of the state. Making them models will provide financial have to all the learning students. The government will upgrade the girls of the state by giving them an education completely.

That’s why the government will support them by giving 1000 rupees to each girl for education. The parents of the girls of Tamilnadu State who are not able to send the girls to compare college education will send the girls to education college because the Pudhumai Penn will help these girls by providing them financial aid.

Benefits of the Pudhumai Penn Scheme

This Pudhumai Penn will encourage the girl students of the state to complete their education adorns encourage the parents to send their daughters to college. So that, They can become self-dependent.

  • Under the scheme, the government will provide Female Students with rupees 1000 per month for education till graduation will complete.
  • The fit of the scheme will be provided to around 600000 females after state per year. For this, the government has also passed the budget early.
  • Financial help will be provided to the girls and it is compulsory for the girls to have a bank account number in their own name.
  • This key will also decrease the number of girl-child marriages and empower women to be self-dependent

Eligibility Criteria

First of all, if you are interested and want to get the benefit of the Pudhumai Penn Scheme TN. You need to read out the eligibility criteria before applying. After reading the eligibility criteria, if you are eligible. Then, fill out the application form online.

  • Applicant must be a permanent citizen of Tamilnadu State only
  • The candidate who is going to apply for the scheme should be a girls student.
  • The girls studying from 6th to 12th class are eligible.
  • Only girls students are eligible to apply for the Pudhumai Penn.

Required Documents for Pension Scheme

All the beneficiaries who will apply online for the Pudhumai Penn scheme, have to submit some important documents to avail of the benefit of the scheme. Documents are listed below:-

  • The aadhar Card Number of the Applicant
  • Domicile certificate
  • Caste Certificate
  • The receipt number of admission
  • Passport size photographs
  • The contact number of the parent

Pudhumai Penn Scheme Online Application Form Procedure

The benefit of the scheme will be provided to the girls of the state only. The state government will help the girl students to not stop the study. The government will provide them with some financial help so that, they can complete their education easily. Articles of the state who are interested and want to avail the benefit of this scheme, all have to apply by filling out the application form that is available on the official website.

The application procedure has not been started yet. Very soon, the government will release an official web portal through which people can easily apply for Pudhumai Penn Scheme and get benefits from the government. Whenever the government will announce the official web portal, we will update you through this article. Till then, for more updates keep in touch with us.

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