Service Plus Portal Karnataka: Seva Sindhu Portal Registration 2023, Online Application

Service Plus Portal Karnataka: Seva Sindhu Registration 2023, Online Application, Drivers(Taxi, auto) Registration On Service Plus Portal for Rs 5000 help

Seva Sindhu Portal Online Registration process of Migrants on, Seva Sindhu Application Status, Seva Sindhu New Registration, Website of Seva Sindhu: During this lockdown, the Seva Sindhu portal is help full for people who want to use different services of the Tamil Nadu government.

The government has provided a single-window platform to the many government services like citizen service centers, Atalji Jain Snehi Kendra, Bapuji Kendra, and many other CSC, these common service centers provide many services to the people of Tamil Nadu state. Just like Bangalore and Karnataka.

This Seva Sandhu portal is the common platform for all these services. If someone wants to use these services then they need to just visit the Seva Sindhu portal and select the services as per their requirement. We will provide you with information about how to register on the Seva Sindhu portal and other related information about the Scheme.

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Service Plus Portal 2023 Karnataka: Seva Sindhu Registration, Online Application

The Seva Sindhu is a common platform for many government services. To use that portal one can need online registration on this portal. The main purpose of this Seva Sindhu service is to provide benefits to the migrants of Karnataka state. The people who are stuck in other states of India due to the reason for lockdown. These people can register themselves on this portal so that they can come back to their home state.

The Karnataka government will provide the benefits of the Seva Sindhu facility to students, tourists, pilgrims, laborers, and other migrant workers.

Service Plus Portal Karnataka: Seva Sindhu Registration, Online Application

After the registration on the Seva Sindhu, an e-pass will be provided to the people and they can return.

Details Of Seva Sindhu Service Portal

Name Of Scheme:Seva Sindhu Migrant Registration
Applicable In:Karnataka State
Beneficiaries:Karnataka State-Related Migrants
Benefits Given:E-Pass Provided to return back to State
Official Web Portal of Seva

The Objective of the Seva Sindhu Portal

The objective of the Seva Sindhu portal is to provide an e-pass gateway to the home state. Like online facilities, the Seva Sindhu portal is also an efficient and parent government facility. There is no need to take help from any other person to take benefits from this online service. There are many people who are stuck in other states and want to come back to their homes. People need some online facility to apply for an e-pass so that they can come back to the state. Not only Epass but other services like financial aid will also be provided to the people with the same service portal known as the Seva Sindhu portal. Online Portal

The online portal will provide current services to both existing and new users. If someone is registered previously then they do not need to register themselves again for new services added to the Seva Sindhu portal. 

The person who is already registered on the Seva Sindhu portal just needs to use their user id and password for the login, after that they can use all the available current services like e-pass and so apply for financial aid.

  • The people who are new to the system first need to register themselves on the Web Portal.
  • For that, they need to use the online registration option available for the new user as “New Registration”.

Common Documents Needed for Online Registration

  • Aadhar card number.
  • Photograph.
  • Mobile number.
  • Permanent Address Proof.
  • Any valid ID Proof. ( if required)

Status of Seva Sindhu Application in Portal Service

After applying for online registration you can check all the entered information and submit all the details you have entered.

  • After the registration of the application, you can check the Seva Sindhu Application Status.
  • You will have a new page on which all the services will be there including Application Status of Seva Sindhu.
  • Select the service that you want to avail of.
  • There will be an application number of your selection of services that will be received on your mobile number.

This will be the future reference to your online application and selected service.

The Migrant Registration Process on Seva Sindhu Portal

Migrant registration on the Seva Sindhu web page is divided into different traveling categories. Some of them are applicable and some of them will be initiated soon.

The migrant registration process is divided into four types.

  • Interstate travel registration: Travelling from another state of India to Karnataka.
  • Interstate travel 2 registration: Travelling from Karnataka to other states of India.
  • Traveling from other countries to Karnataka.
  • Interdistrict traveling.

How to Register on Seva Sindhu Service Plus Portal Online?

  1. The person who wants to register needs to visit the official page of the Seva Sindhu.
  2. For the migrants, they need to select the option or type of travel.
  3. One type of travel is selected person will be directed to the next page.
  4. On this page, they need to fill out the online application for registration.
  5. Fill all the basic information like Aadhar card number, state, name, address, mobile number, etc.
  6. Provide your profile identity as a migrant, student, pilgrim, or tourist.
  7. Providing address information for both places means this time where are you and where to want to go.
  8. Information about your traveling is whether you traveling with family or alone.
  9. There is other related valuable information as per your selection of traveling.
  10. Fill in all the details.
  11. Now there is some basic question related to health and your quarantine.
  12. Give all the that is needed by the government portal.
  13. Verify all the details that you have entered and after that submit the details.

This is how you can use the Seva Sindhu web portal of the Karnataka Government. This is a good initiative shown by the Karnataka Government.

There are thousands of pilgrims, students, and migrant workers outside the state who wants to enter Karnataka state but due to the lockdown, this is not possible. Many people among those are now living in very poor conditions due to a lack of financial help. The only way to help those people is to take them back to their home state.

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