AP Tailors Scheme 2023 (YSR Navodayam) Apply Online| Beneficiary List

AP Tailors Scheme 2023 | YSR Navodayam Scheme 2023 Apply Online | Beneficiary List of AP Tailors Scheme | AP Tailors Scheme Apply Online form|

The government of the YSR Congress in Andhra Pradesh is starting and approving new schemes for the people of Andhra Pradesh state. In this process, another scheme is started by the Andhra Pradesh State government. This scheme is known as AP Tailors Scheme are also known as YSR Navodayam Scheme. This scheme is recently launched in Andhra Pradesh. The government cabinet has provided approval for the implementation of this scheme.

With the help of this scheme, people of Andhra Pradesh will get self-employment and this scheme is beneficial for many micro small, and medium enterprises that are going through very much loss and are in danger of permanent closing.

The YSR government is planning to spend 4000 crores on this project. This is a huge push to the people and their businesses so that they can take benefit from this scheme and make their life easy and prosperous. We will provide you with all the information about how to apply for the Andhra Pradesh tailor scheme 2023. What are the documents required? And who are eligible for AP Trailers Scheme 2019.

AP Tailors Scheme 2023 (YSR Navodayam Scheme) 

As we said earlier this scheme is beneficial for micro small and medium enterprises. This is because there are approximately 100000 MSME who are under great pressure to survive and run their business. Not only the tailors but barbers and Weavers also are under a tremendous amount of pressure to gain profit. This is because somehow all these have some loan installments to pay. This will decrease the profit balance and many people in this business are not earning that much profit which is expected. All the earnings are consumed in today’s expenses and completing the installments of the loan.

Tailor scheme 2022

Most of the benefits in this scheme are provided to the tailors, barbers, and Weavers that’s why this scheme is also known as AP tailors barbers and Weavers scheme. In this scheme, people will get the help of 10000 rupees. This scheme will provide approximately 9 months of time for the people to take benefits. This is a very useful scheme for the youngsters of Andhra Pradesh. This is because under this scheme many unemployed people will get employment in many micro small and medium enterprises.

Jobs under quota, this is possible because Andhra Pradesh’s government is planning to implement an AP tailor scheme and wants to provide a 73% quota to the local youngsters in the related companies under this scheme. This is applicable for Dosti par who has lost their land and other properties just because of these industries. The will is introduced in the cabinet and the government is planning for this.

YSR Navodayam Scheme Benefits to the lower casts (ST)

Under this beneficial scheme, the government is planning to provide free electricity to the SC category people. The government will provide approximately 100 units of electricity to the SC category people. To provide free electricity the government has allotted more than 400 crores upon this free electricity plan.

Main highlight of AP YSR Navodayam Scheme 2023

This scheme is not only meant for Tailors but for Weavers, Barbers, and all the people who are deeply concerned with MSMEs. Many peoples have their businesses running under a great amount of pressure for surviving. It will give an indication that these institutions are going to become a non-profitable business body. This is a great concern. So This scheme will boost those people financially. which is most important at this time. Some highlights of the scheme are given below.

Scheme:AP tailor scheme (YSR Navodayam Scheme)
Scheme Status: launched already
Announced By:   Andhra Pradesh government
Total Cost:  4,000 crores
Concerned Department:MSME department 
Benefits To:       People related to MSM Enterprises
Mode of Application: online probably
Official Website: apkapucorp.cgg.gov.in

Objective of AP Tailors (YSR Navodayam) Scheme 

  • As we said earlier the Andhra Pradesh government now totally wants to transform the micro medium and small enterprises.
  • For all this YSR government has decided the budget of 4,000 crores.
  • The beneficiaries will get the financial sport under this scheme and all the MSME institutions can take benefits.
  • But only in a limited time period, they can take all the benefits. This is because the government has given 9 months of period To consume all the financial sport.
  • The main goal of the government is to convert all the non-profitable assets into profitable ones.
  • As per the state government and the cabinet of the Andhra Pradesh government, they have reconstructed the SC-ST and OBC reservation system.
  • Under this refinement of reservation now all the minorities, SC-ST and OBC will get more than or equal to 50% reservation in government corporations and other government entities. The reservation is applicable only for the service contract and the posts which are mentioned in this particular scheme.
  • Another reservation is for young students and unemployed persons who are seeking for jobs. As per the new rules from the cabinet if got passed all the youngsters from Andhra Pradesh state it will get 73% of reservation in the industries belonging to MSM enterprises.
  • There is also a provision in the draft approved by the cabinet of government To take control and make a supervision body to inspect schools and all higher education colleges. This is just because to improve the quality of education in the state.

Who is eligible for AP Tailors Scheme 2023?

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of Andhra Pradesh.
  • This scheme is only for poor people of Andhra Pradesh. ( income criteria not mentioned yet).
  • All the people who are working as barbers tailors Weavers are eligible.
  • People working in MSMEs eligible.
  • To avail, the benefits online must need the bank account number.

Documents Needed for AP Trailers Scheme

  • Photographs passport size.
  • ID proof (voter ID card or driving license).
  • Aadhar card number.
  • Certificate of income.
  • Bank account details (passbook).
  • Permanent residence proof.

AP Tailors Scheme 2023 (YSR Navodayam) Apply Online | Beneficiary List

  1. To apply for this particular scheme applicant must fill the form.
  2. To get the information regarding the form of AP tailors scheme 2019 visit the official website.
  3. Andhra Pradesh state kapu welfare and development corporation website is
  4. First, visit the website then and there must be a link on the official website.
  5. Read all the details regarding the AP tailors scheme 2019.
  6. Then fill the form accordingly.

AP Tailors Scheme Beneficiary List And Application Status

  • Applicants who have applied earlier for Navodyam Scheme and want to see the application Status.
  • Go to the same site where you have applied for Tailors Scheme.
  • Search for Application status inquiry.
  • Fill in your application details as asked.
  • Now you will have all the details of your application.
  • For the beneficiary, the list repeats the above whole process but just searches for a list of the beneficiary.

The government of Andhra Pradesh has started yet another wonderful scheme for the poor people of Andhra Pradesh state. This scheme is to improve the livelihood of the people of the state. We have provided information regarding the AP tailors scheme 2019. If you have any questions please please write to us in the comment box. We will provide with all the related information as soon as possible. Till then stay connected with our website for more information and updates. Thank you.

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