Telangana 1500 Scheme Apply Online and Status on White Ration Card

Telangana 1500 Scheme Apply Online and Status on White Ration Card. Telangana 1500 scheme for white ration cardholder Hyderabad. TS white Ration Card Holders will get Rs 1500 and Ration how? Check-in this post. Every States Government is giving rice to the cardholders in fair price shops in the city they live in. In Hyderabad, the government is offering 1500 rupees to those persons who have white ration cards.

Rupees 1500 will be given those cardholders who will take 12kg rice that is offered by the government during the lockdown of 21 days. The government has said that rupees 1500 will be direct to the bank account of the cardholder. There are many people who are very confused and continuously calling to the civil supplies department for asking that it is mandatory to take 12 kg rice if we want to get cash or not.

KCR Telangana 1500 Scheme Apply online

The Government of Telangana has announced to rupees 1500 to those who have a white ration card. Senior officers said that this amount will be sent to the white card holders soon. It is also coming to know that there is a number of persons who have White ration cards are not getting a subsidy of rice that is provided by the government. The people who are under APL card prescribes by the government to be eligible for the white ration card. Some people obtaining the white ration card only for Arogyasri Health scheme, so they can get free medical treatment in government hospitals, they also want to get benefits that are given by the government. Due to other reasons, the government stopped the exercise in midway.

Telangana 1500 Scheme Apply Online and Status on White Ration Card

Main Highlights of Telangana 1500 Scheme 

There are some rumors that government has deactivated the ration card of those who have white cards and the subsidy of 12 kg rice will not be given to them. Now, the cardholder are taking their quota of 12 kg rice after giving the thumb impression on the biometric machine. Now the white cardholders are getting 12 Kg rice and also cash that is given by the government during the lockdown.

Scheme Name:KCR Telangana 1500 Scheme
Introduced By:Government of Telangana
Beneficiaries:White Ration Cardholders in Telangana
Benifits Given:Rs 1500 and 12 KG Ration
Applicable To Complete State in Telangana

Ration Cardholders Will Get Rs 1500

Under this scheme, 2.83 crore people will get the benefit. For this scheme, the Government of Telangana is going to spend Rs 2500 crore. Government of Telangana locked down the state till 31 march. During this lockdown, the people who have a White ration card will get 12kg rice and also they will get rs 1500.

This scheme is announced by cm of Telangana yesterday. He also Appreciated people for co-operating in lockdown. The people of Telangana successfully participated in curfew. They did come out of their houses during the lockdown but emergency services were there.

Benefits of Providing Rs 1500 on the Ration Card

  • With the help of this money, people can buy imported goods.
  • Many people who are jobless at this time and working as a laborer. People do not have much to spend on.
  • Most of the people are now in a very critical financial situation.
  • This 1500 rupees amount is not a very big amount but at this time this will become the lifesaver of people in Telangana.
  • We are saying this because chief minister Mr. K Chandrasekhar Rao has also said that these white ration cardholders also will get the 12 KG of ration mainly rice and 1500 rupees as an aid.

Telangana scheme RS 1500 Apply Online

  1. The health department has said that If the lady is pregnant and she wants to get admitted to the hospital then the ambulance facility will be given to her.
  2. CM of Telangana has also said that persons who are working in the government sector will get their full salaries.
    You also give them information that professionals and laborers will also get their salaries as per the monthly wedges given to them.
  3. The information that is available right now that the Telangana government will spend 2000 crore rupees on the 76 lakh ration cardholders and will provide 1500 rupees to the cardholder.
  4. In this lockdown. The government has already credited 1500 rupees in the 74 lakh ration cardholders.
  5. People who want to know about the status of their ration card and also regarding the status of whether they will get the 1500 rupees or not.
  6. They can check this on the official page of the Telangana government at

Rules for Social Distancing at Ration Outlet, Banks For This Scheme

  • There are more than 74 lakh people who will get the benefits.
  • Also there 17 thousand outlets where this ration will be distributed.
  • Along with that, there are many banks where people can withdraw their money.
  • This is a very critical situation if thousands of people will come out of their homes and make every outlet crowded.
  • This is why people will be permits for taking Ration from 7 to 7 in ration outlets.
  • The government has given advisory to each outlet to maintain social distancing and avoid crowds in each situation and scenario.
  • There must not be gathering of people without any social distancing otherwise this will lead to disaster for spreading COVID-19 if rules of social distancing are not obeyed.

Status of KCR Telangana 1500 Scheme

If any person wants to know about whether he has got Financial help or not.

He can simply check his White ration Card Status on the dedicated website of Telangana State.

Go on this page and check for your Financial AID Status.

You need to select the type of Ration Card in which you get Ration.

As specified that there is the provision of Financial help of Rs. 1500 to the White ration card Holders only.

If a person who has another Ration Card then they do not get help as per notification.

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