YSR Asara Scheme 2023 Application Status List and Apply Details

YSR Asara Scheme 2023 Application Status List and Apply for Details in Telegu| YSR Asara Scheme in Telegu| YSR Asara scheme 2023 status.

YSR Aasra Scheme is one of the finest schemes made available by the Andhra Pradesh Government of the YSR Congress. For patients who wanted help from the government for their treatment, this is the scheme that will help those people.
Especially for those people who had surgery not only treatment benefits are given, but there is some financial help is also provided to the people.

YSR Asara Scheme 2023 Application

More than 46 lakh families have benefited from this particular scheme. The main purpose of the YSR Aasara Scheme is that most of the families who need help can get help for their medical conditions wherever they want.

YSR Asara Scheme
YSR Asara Scheme

But if you want to get the benefits from this scheme then you need to apply for this particular scheme. There is a condition of eligibility that is required to apply for this scheme. Where are many people in Andhra Pradesh state who are not able to bear their expenses of treatment in the hospitals? Due to that many patients do not get proper treatment for their disease. With the help of this scheme, they can get the best treatment not only treatment but also get financial help after that for a limited.

Main highlights of the Aasra Scheme

Scheme Name:YSR Arogya Asara scheme
State: Andhra Pradesh
Introduced by: CM Jagan Mohan Reddy
Benefits GivenMedical/ financial help
Scheme Beneficiaries: Eligible people of AP
Status of Scheme:Available and operational
Scheme Website: www.ysraarigyasri.ap.gov.in

Facilities and Features 

  • The main motto of the Andhra Pradesh government is health for all. To fulfill that people and patients are getting a new platform through this Scheme that is known as Arogya Raksha which is very helpful.
  • This indicates that there is no inequality or division in the form of religion or caste.
  • There will be medical help as well as financial help given by the YSR government.
  • All the financial transactions will be done digitally and directly in the accounts of the beneficiary of the scheme.
  • On the launching day, patients get financial help by cheque from the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh state.

All over India, people will get help in the form of treatment and subsidized assistance. But here in Andhra Pradesh state patients get financial help.

Documents Required

To apply for this scheme patient needs the below-given documents:

  • Mobile number
  • Account number personal or family member
  • Aadhar card number
  • Hospital admits card and related documents.
  • Hospital discharge card.
  • Permanent address certificate.
  • Income certificate.

Eligibility for YSR Aasara Scheme

  • Only permanent residents of Andhra Pradesh can apply.
  • Any person belonging to the Poverty line can apply.
  • Benefits will be given to the people who are admitted to the hospital and are getting treatment and surgery in critical conditions under the list of pre-described surgery lists.
  • People who are not admitted will not get the benefits.

YSR Asara Scheme 2023 Application Status List and Apply Details

Apply Online for Arogya Aasra Scheme 2023

  1. If anyone wants to avail of the benefits of this scheme then there is a simple process.
  2. If a person is undergone surgery then they need to submit all the related documents for getting benefits.
  3. The document submission will be done at the time of discharge.
  4. This may contain the Aadhar card number, bank account details, and patient registration number under Hospital.
  5. After that related department of the medical process the application of the patient.
  6. After some days people get the benefit.
  7. This will take some time for verification but most of the time amount will be credited in just a few days.

YSR Aasara Scheme Check Payment Status

  • After discharging from the hospital and providing all the details people will get the benefits.
  • If any person does not have a personal account number then they can provide a mobile number and account details of another family member.
  • There is a process of providing financial aid within 48 hours
  • The patient will get the status on his mobile number.
  • If the amount is not credited then they can contact the hospital authorities to where they have applied.

Surgery List

Among the list, a total of 836 types of surgeries are Listed which are totally included from 26 departments of different medical lines.

Benefits Under This Medical Scheme

  • More than 836 types of surgeries under 26 departments of hospitals are included.
  • This means that approximately all the major diseases are included.
  • The treated patient will get the benefits within 48 hours after discharge.
  • Not only that 225 rupees per day will also be provided as money for medicine and will be given a max of one month.
  • this means that approximately 5000 rupees will be given after surgery.

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