Wonderla Kochi Ticket Prices 2023, Timings, and Booking Process

Wonderla Kochi Ticket Prices 2023, Timings, and Booking Process, Wonderla Kochi Ticket Prices 2023

The Wonderla is an amusement park situated in Pallikara that is 14 km away from Kochi City. Wonderla amusement park is famous for different water sports and other land-based activities that provide joy to the visitors with all the safety as this is ISO certified for environment protection and safety.

Here you will get the updated Ticket price details of the Wonderla Kochi Park in 2023

Wonderla Kochi Tickets Prices 2023 and Facilities, Specialties of Park

We already mention this is an eco-friendly Park with all important safety measures. Book your Wonderla Kochi Ticket and, You can enjoy 22 water-based and 34 land-based activities and attractions provided by Wonderla. There is a special 3D virtual reality attraction known as XD MAX.

Wonderla Kochi Ticket Prices
Wonderla Kochi Ticket Prices
  • This Wonderla Park is among the most visited and favorite parks among people who love world-class entertainment and adventure activities. Without any issue, this Wonderla amusement park provides available attractions at its best.
  • The amusement park is not only famous among the people who love the activities but also for food lovers, as you can get different types of food from different cuisines all over India and abroad.
  • The bottom line is this Park will provide something for everyone who wants to visit the wonderland amusement park in Kochi, Kerala

Tickets Price Wonderland Kochi 2023

Here the Wonderla Kochi Ticket list is given in two categories, one is regular days and the other is The weekends

Facilities, Specialties of Wonderla Kochi Park
Facilities, Specialties of Wonderla Kochi Park

Regular Weekdays Ticket Price

Adult: Rs. 1312.72
Child Regular:Rs. 1050
Senior Citizen:984.53
Fast Track Adult:Rs. 2665.42
Fast Track Child:Rs. 2100
Students Hall Ticket offer: Rs. 853.26
Adult(College ID Offer): Rs. 1050.17

Weekends and Holidays Wonderla Ticket Price

Adult: Rs. 1397.46
Child Regular:Rs. 1117.80
Senior Citizen:1048.10
Fast Track Adult:Rs. 2794.92
Fast Track Child:2235.58
Students Hall Ticket offer:Rs. 908.35
Adult(College ID Offer): Rs. 1117.97

Timings for Wonderla Kochi

You can Visit the Wonderla Kochi from 11:00 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day.

If there are changes in the visiting hours you will be informed once you have booked the day.

On the weekends like Saturday and Sunday, there must be huge crowds, so if you are comfortable visiting on Monday Tuesday Wednesday, or Thursday or Friday you can go there and enjoy the amusement park activities and attractions with less crowd.

Wonderla Kochi Available Offers

There are some offers on Wonderla Kochi Tickets, that are very attractive for students and senior citizens, you can check the details here.

Wonderla Kochi Available Offers
Wonderla Kochi Available Offers

Turn your hall ticket into your ticket to fun

  • This offer is for students studying in the 10th 11th and 12th classes.
  • Under this offer, students will get 35% off their tickets.

A Summer to remember offer for senior citizens

Senior citizens will get 25% off their tickets. Senior citizens more than 60 years of age have to carry their identity proof of age with them to avail of this offer.

Adult College ID Offer:

If you are a college-going student then you will also get a discount on your regular ticket by showing your ID Card.

Wonderla Kochi Ticket Booking Process

You need to visit the Wonderla website.

Ticket Booking Website
  1. Where you can select a city like Kochi Kerala or Hyderabad.
  2. Once you select the city, you will be on the page of that city.
  3. Now the date when you want to visit the park.
  4. Now you need to select the tickets as per the category, like adult senior citizen kids or student.
  5. Select and provide each and every detail that is asked.
  6. Now select the meal option.
  7. Where you can select different combos from lunch breakfast dinner and snacks. The rate list is given as per the selected item.
  8. Once you have selected all the options, there is a total amount as the total you need to pay.
  9. Complete the payment and you will get the tickets.

Helpline and Contact Number

If you are planning to visit the wonderland water park Kochi then you can also contact the concerned department for any query on their helpline number.

The contact Number is 04802684001.

Before visiting the Wonderla water park read all the terms and conditions. All the terms and conditions especially for Fastrack tickets are available on the website where you book the tickets.

This is how you will be able to book your Wonderla Kochi Tickets online for Wonderla to visit the place as per your selected date and enjoy the park attractions.

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